• A Day In April

    Take a deep breath and slowly let go, today was nothing more but a glimpse of what tomorrow might bring. Smile away the hurt and feel that inner discomfort wash away.I laugh to hide my pain, I swear to fight off disappointment. There's no one left to trust. My life has been under
    scrutiny with no end in sight.
    Pass a bottle of good memories, perhaps
    i'll find answers within the pleasurable contents.... more »

  • Barley Green

    Never knew that i would be able lose some like you! I can't seem to help myself about always thinking about you.
    Knock myself on the ground cuz i was the fool, doesn't seem to matter anymore cuz thing aren't meant to be, at least for you and me.

    Now when i see you, i feel so weak that i could fall, don't know how to act, i don't if i should call. I think about how things should be... more »

  • Fall Down

    The wet rain drops heavy like bricks in water.
    The splash they resinate are apparent on my wet pants legs and shirt sleeve.... more »

  • Foolish Urges

    As you're leaving, the stone cold harden truth hits me like a fool. The realization of my faults falls heavy on my soul. With the lights out and the tears dry, my emotions have gone array, doesn't seem right to be here, as your almost gone.

    Turn around, you crippled heart, i've done nothing but do you harm. Creeping up like a thief, i'm guilty of stealing time and perhaps even love. Can't seem to look you in the eye, can't deny what i know what was a lie. As your leaving through the door had a feeling but its not there anymore, wanna tell you i was wrong but its too late for amor.... more »