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hello headadasdsadsadas
As an absolutely ordinary rainbow Thanks bro
ey bro i love your work my man thanks for helping me with my HSC year 12
aye yo wasp homie, I jus wanted to say dat dis poem is gr88888
aye mannn I liked dis poem aye these dogs didn't let me post the 1st time so aye shot g
aye ba dis was good as aye wanna see u make more bro
i woved dis peom a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot and alot
At the end of 2016, we made a documentary interview with Les Murray and Valerie Murray at their home in Bunyah. The video is now available at: https: //vimeo.com/254992802 You may want to use this video to see a current snapshot of Les and Valerie. There is no cost, but would appreciate it if you do so.
Nodoubt its a very fantastic poem. It's my al time favourite! Its so simple, yet so profound. Long live my sweetest poet Les Murray! Regards Bhagavathi Sudarshan bangalore karnataka