• Alone In A Castle (Part Two)

    A cold wind blows the trees,
    Shadows blacken the sky.
    There's a falling of Autumn leaves.
    The princess lies down to cry.... more »

  • Although Lovers Be Lost..........

    The day she died,... more »

  • And Then Tomorrow

    Sun shines as I walk along
    Birds sing a happy song
    I have a feeling so wrong
    A feeling like I don't belong... more »

  • Angel's Embrace

    Perhaps someday,
    I will be appreciated,
    And I will be loved,
    For all that is me.... more »

  • Angie

    Always there for me-
    Never far from my heart,
    Guiding me thru the darkness,
    Inspiration for all my greatest dreams,... more »

  • Believing

    I believe in you,
    For you are the only thing I have,
    Left to believe in.
    I remember you,... more »

  • Betrayal

    All you have is your soul,
    In this world of little guarantees.
    You'll find there is no one to believe,
    Behind all the masks.... more »

  • Bittersweet

    I saw my life in the depth of glorious flowers
    I saw my essence in the lure of glowing stars
    I saw my heart in the rays of the sun
    And my future in the beauty of a golden dream... more »

  • Bondage Among Other Things

    I lie upon your bed
    Wearing not a stitch of clothing
    Alone... more »

  • Bridge

    Over this bridge, I cross-
    It's such a dark night,
    A dark life....
    I'm all alone.... more »

  • Broken Wings & Broken Dreams

    Broken wings fly on silently through the cold & darkened night,
    Never any sleep-
    Just a memory I long so much to keep,
    As broken wings fly the realms of all discovery,... more »

  • But For The Grace Of God....

    But for the grace of God,
    I would not be here this day.
    I would not be here,
    To face the mysteries we call today.... more »

  • Caleb

    Dearest Caleb,

    Hi. I am your mommy.
    I loved you SO much...... more »

  • Castle Dreams

    A cold wind blows the trees.
    Shadows blacken the sky.
    There's a falling of Autumn leaves.
    I lay down and cry.... more »

  • Courage

    I saw you in the distance,
    Your eyes locked with mine.
    I knew I must embrace a new life,
    And leave the old one far behind.... more »

  • Darling - My Heart

    Darling, I see you,
    In the mists of my mind.
    I long to have you,
    And the life we left far behind.... more »

  • Dearest Baby

    Dearest Baby,
    My heart is broken.
    Something terrible has happened,
    And as a result, you have died.... more »

  • Don'T Let Him Go

    Don't take him away,
    Don't let him go
    Don't let him leave me,
    There's something he must know.... more »

  • Don'T Let Me Fall...

    Don't let me fall,
    from your heart...
    Like a tear falls
    from the moon...... more »

  • Double-Edged Blade

    Love tender, yet forbidden,
    Gentle desire, growing in your eyes
    Alight with stormy passion
    Aglow like starry skies.... more »

  • Draven's Hugs

    I love his grey eyes
    The music of his laugh
    Forever my baby boy and
    Alieah's twin,... more »

  • Faded Visions

    Faded visions remain in my mind
    I recall moments from a distant time
    And I now know I was not alone
    For it too was once your home... more »

  • Far Away

    Through the darkness I have searched,
    For the man within my heart.
    Everyday he seems farther away-
    Why must we be apart?... more »

  • Flaming Memories

    I see wildfire,
    Burning in your blue eyes,
    Like rusty barrels exploding in the night.
    And I am lost in a memory,... more »

  • For Adrienne, Sailor, And Kyle

    I miss you,
    With all of my heart.
    I dream of you,
    We're so far apart.... more »