• For Brianna

    In our hearts we are hurting;
    Our thoughts are confused and unclear.
    Tomorrow we shall awaken,
    With an emptiness in our hearts,... more »

  • For Jacob

    You are my nephew,
    Your eyes are blue.
    I can't believe,
    How much I love you.... more »

  • For Jamie- Light Of My Life- Heart Of My Heart

    In the dark of night, rain falls without sound.
    No one here, only my pain can be found.
    I search through the dark, for this love that I seek.
    No glimpse of sweet sunshine, not even a peek.... more »

  • For Now It's Good Bye

    Sometimes saying 'Good Bye' isn't easy,
    When it's the only two words you can say.
    Sometimes saying 'I Love You' is enough,
    When you turn and walk away.... more »

  • For She Who Cries In My Heart

    Every now and then when all is quiet,
    And the day has passed away,
    I can hear the girl still softly weeping-
    Her tears weigh upon all that is me...... more »

  • For You

    Take these dreams
    They're all for you
    I'm smiling
    Happiness flowing... more »

  • Forgiveness Ungiven

    If you asked me if it hurt me,
    When you said goodbye,
    I wouldn't know how to answer,
    I wouldn't know what to say...... more »

  • From A Distance...

    From a distance I can see you,
    I see sadness in your eyes.
    Are you sorry for what you did?
    Are you sorry for all the lies?... more »

  • Frustration

    Sometimes I try so hard,
    Until frustration burdens my soul.
    I feel myself being taken under,
    Swallowed into a darkened hole.... more »

  • Glass Tears

    I can hear you...
    The familiar sound of your voice,... more »

  • God's Tender Grace

    I had endless faith,
    In the depths of my heart...
    Always a prayer,
    And forever a spark.... more »

  • Going Home

    Out on the sea I glide,
    One raft against the tide.
    The waves are viscious foam;
    Sacrifices of such to get home.... more »

  • Grandpa Of Twins

    Remember your grandpa,
    He loved to hunt and fish.
    His garden was plentiful,
    And he spent his time with Sam,... more »

  • Handsome's Poem

    He comes in and looks at me,
    His dark face more beautiful than my own.
    His gold slit eyes are set in black silk-
    Below them a puff of white on his chin.... more »

  • Hang On Tightly

    Hang on to me while you can
    For soon I'll be gone
    Hang on to me while you can
    For I must be moving on... more »

  • Happy Birthday Now

    Happy birthday to me...
    What kind of birthday is this,
    Without you?
    The one who always shared,... more »

  • Hard To Say Good-Bye

    I love your laughter,
    And how it makes me smile.
    You won't be here tomorrow, ;
    It's only for awhile.... more »

  • Haunted Heart

    In the ice-cold stone of your guarded heart
    Lies a piece of me,
    Caught up in barbs.
    A piece that beats with forgotten cost-... more »

  • Haunted I Am

    Haunted I am
    By you-
    By the thought of you...
    Though you are not dead... more »

  • Haze Of Time

    Through the misty haze of time,
    A star still shines above.
    A glow still fills my heart,
    Of our long ago love.... more »

  • Heart Abandoned

    My heart is filled with sorrow and pain
    My soul is shadowed by darkness
    I long to hear your voice again
    To fill my days with brightness... more »

  • Her Eternal Love

    I'd hate to be in a situation,
    Where one must take and never give,
    For I am the kind who loves giving,
    So that others may live.... more »

  • Hidden Truths

    Many times I cried for you in the past,
    For your pain and worries,
    And the sadness that forever lasts.
    We both have lived the same nightmare,... more »

  • Hoping

    Lost in a memory,
    Hanging on to yesterday...
    Love's lost melody,
    Calling me away.... more »

  • I Believed In You

    I believed in you,
    But you let me down;
    Played around,
    Walked away,... more »