• I Cried Myself To Sleep Last Night

    I know you feel your life is over-
    I feel the same way, too.
    I've been through this so many times-
    I know what you're going through.... more »

  • I Cry Alone

    Please join me in this place where I cry alone-
    Please find me and lend me your strength.
    Because I need you!
    I need you so very much...... more »

  • I Gave It To You

    I gave you my love
    I gave you my heart
    You threw it back in my face
    And tore my soul apart... more »

  • I Live My Life For Them....

    I live my life for them,
    As sometimes it is hard to live it for me....
    With all the pain I've known,
    And all the sorrow I see.... more »

  • I Realize.........

    I realize I may never again feel your tender caress,
    Your sweetest touch,
    Or your most comforting embrace,
    Within which all of my demons have been tamed.... more »

  • I Remember You

    I will remember you,
    When the night is dark,
    When my blessings
    Are tucked into warm beds.... more »

  • I Understand

    They have hurt you;
    I see it in your eyes.
    I understand,
    But do you realize?... more »

  • I Understand (Different Poem)

    Your first smile,
    Told me what words cannot say.
    I find it hard to express,
    The feelings I keep at bay.... more »

  • If Only I Had Known

    All the years we had with you, Dad,
    Wind down to the last day you were here,
    The day you left our lives,
    Bound for the gates of Heaven.... more »

  • If....

    If you could dry my tears,
    I would hold you.
    I wouldn't lose you,
    Forever comforted,... more »

  • I'M Not Crying About Today....

    I'm not crying about today,
    I am crying about the past...
    Which has swept my soul away.... more »

  • In Blind Trust

    I had loved him so very much,
    So I told you his identity.
    I thought I could trust you,
    And you could trust me.... more »

  • In Heaven There Will Be An Answer

    I often wonder if there could be a Heaven,
    As sweet as when you kiss my lips?
    Could it be as special,
    As the touch of your fingertips?... more »

  • In My Heart

    There's a part of you,
    In my deepest heart-
    A part no one can touch,
    Nor take away.... more »

  • In The Light Of Day

    We hold each other close;
    I feel your breath on my cheek.
    Your fingers trace my body;
    I give you what you seek.... more »

  • Inner You

    Sometimes I watch you,
    Just out of the corner of my eye,
    And I'm amazed-
    Somehow you never see me cry.... more »

  • I'Ve Lost You

    I've lost you,
    Yet you still dwell in my heart,
    I hope you are right,
    By keeping us so far apart.... more »

  • Jalin

    Never to speak your name-
    But to have loved you.
    Never to have seen your face-
    But to have cradled you in dreams.... more »

  • Just Like Dark Water

    The hurt you have caused me,
    Bleeds into my soul,
    Into everything that is me.
    I long to be free of it....... more »

  • Last Night We Made Love...

    Last night we made love...
    It was my first time.
    How beautiful it felt,
    To hold your body close to mine.... more »

  • Leaving Again

    Is there a clue,
    In the way you come to me?
    Is there an answer,
    In those dreams that I see?... more »

  • Let It Be Okay

    Everything will be okay...
    At least that is what they say,
    Although the ones you've loved,
    Have gone away,... more »

  • Let Me Forget

    Today I stand here all alone,
    With nothing left to call my own.
    Feeling lost within my soul,
    Never attaining my desired goal.... more »

  • Letting Go Of Hope's Hand

    Where have all these scars on my body come from?
    Where have all the scars on my soul?
    And why don't I cry to hear the words,
    That times before have made tears roll?... more »

  • Life's Meaning

    You must be able to laugh and to cry,
    Because if you cannot show emotion,
    You shall never know why,
    Life has meaning.... more »