• Parting Is Such Deep Sorrow

    I still remember the soft touch of your hand,
    As I stand here lonely in this foreign land.
    And can you remember how I loved you?
    Does love still glow in those eyes of blue?... more »

  • Phantom Lover

    I walked alone,
    In a world of pain.
    I wept alone,
    Until I heard,... more »

  • Please Don'T Go

    Summer sunshine
    So warm and true
    A blue lake so inviting
    All alone with you...... more »

  • Prayer To A Lost Child

    To: Caleb James

    No baby's voice to awaken me in the night...
    No soft, warm body to hug and cherish tight...... more »

  • Promises Never Broken

    Out of the gloom,
    You came to brighten my life...
    You smiled,
    And my tears ceased to flow.... more »

  • Prophecy Of The Seasons

    Evil darkness shall stain the earth,
    In the ancient place where shadows lurk.
    For summer's light cannot be found
    There rivers of blood shall stain the ground.... more »

  • Regret

    Out of a shadow of happiness,
    I am suddenly sad,
    For all the things I've never done,
    And all the time I've had.... more »

  • Remembering Kyle

    You were one of my dearest friends-
    For you curled up beside my feet every night... more »

  • Safe In Your Arms

    Sunshine, bright love in blue eyes
    We fly along the clouds, soar along the skies
    Safe in your arms, lost in sweet love
    The kisses so sweet, such Heaven from above.... more »

  • Separation

    I'll never forget you,
    Although you are far away.
    I'll never stop loving you,
    I'll miss you everyday.... more »

  • Silence

    The room grows quiet.
    My vision grows dim.
    There is a sense of loss,
    Deep from within.... more »

  • Sinking

    Sinking in a sea of pain and despair-
    I hold out my hand,
    But there is no one to reach for it and pull me free;
    I find myself sinking down deep into the cold, dark depths.... more »

  • Someday

    Someday, you'll understand,
    Why the dreams that meant the world to you,
    Meant nothing to me-
    And why your smile can't comfort me,... more »

  • Something More

    Sometimes you look at me,
    Your eyes aglow with desire.
    In my heart I'm burning,
    With the sweetest, fiercest fire.... more »

  • Somewhere In The Starlight

    Somewhere in the calling of the wind,
    I can hear your voice cry to me.
    I can hear the echoes of yesterday,
    And relive a time that had to end.... more »

  • Somewhere, Somebody Still Loves You

    When you have no tomorrows,
    And tears fall like rain.
    All you love is gone,
    And all you feel is pain.... more »

  • Thank You For Your Time

    Thank you for a moment of your time,
    A moment that is only mine.
    You're smiling,
    'Cause in that one moment,... more »

  • The Beauty Of A Yellow Rose....

    The beauty of a yellow rose, sitting wilted in it's vase,
    For time has made it's color fade and it droops now, in it's place.
    The man I love has hurt me,
    And in his pain he walks away,... more »

  • The Book Of Us

    Sometimes I think I love you,
    But I'm not sure how I feel.
    When I'm with you, I'm happy-
    I'm telling you it's for real.... more »

  • The Breath Of Happiness

    Breathe some new life back into me
    I feel so numb;
    I need to feel alive again... more »

  • The Candle

    My heart was a flame,
    But when the wind blew,
    The flame flickered.
    And when the rain fell,... more »

  • The Curse Of The Faded Rose

    The beauty of a bright red rose,
    Will bind this immortal's broken soul
    With sorrowful thorns and tarnished chains
    A haunting shadow of evil remains.... more »

  • The Cycle

    It happened in the night time within a hallowed nook.
    The birth of a thousand tomorrows, beside a furrowed brook.
    The motion of the moment lay twisted on frozen snow.
    The sorrow of the world where hated memories grow.... more »

  • The End

    In the end,
    Know that I ALWAYS loved you.
    In the end,
    Know that I never put anyone above you.... more »

  • The Ghost

    The things you hide
    Behind the beautiful mask of your lies
    Keep me trapped here; forgotten
    Behind a thousand locked doors of our yesterday... more »