• The Gift

    Give me your love,
    Wrap it up with hearts,
    Place it in these hands,
    And let me have it for keeps.... more »

  • The Gift Of An Angel

    The angel on my tree,
    Shines there for only me.
    A gift from my precious Dravey James,
    Created by careful, yet tiny hands.... more »

  • The Haunting

    In the back of my mind,
    I continue to see the ruins,
    While the night music refrains,
    That haunting melody.... more »

  • The Healing

    I live alone here with my broken heart.
    At night I walk the halls of a lonely place-
    Lost in a memory of my past,
    And starving for a glimpse of my future.... more »

  • The Heart Of The Storm

    My dreams were empty,
    Expanding an aching heart,
    Like a dark and raging storm,
    I longed to make depart.... more »

  • The Kiss

    So tender were the feelings,
    Which brought our lips to touch,
    So long the pent-up emotion-
    Your embrace as so to crush.... more »

  • The Last Goodbye

    Hold on now, although its the end.
    Hold on now, you know you've got a friend.
    Let go of the things that hurt you so.
    Let go of the dreams that have to go.... more »

  • The Last Song

    It's the last song of the season,
    As flowers bloom in the air.
    The leaves fall without reason,
    As the sun shines in your hair.... more »

  • The Letter That Will Never Be Read

    Perhaps I cannot seek the words,
    To bring you back to me,
    But I write the only words I know,
    I love you endlessly.... more »

  • The Moon And The Sun

    You are the moon,
    That glows,
    In the window of my soul.
    You are the sun,... more »

  • The Night

    How does one deal with an emotion,
    Which burdens the heart?
    It weighs down your entity,
    And drives two lovers apart.... more »

  • The Question

    Tonight the world is dark,
    No stars in the sky.
    The moon is a lonely shadow,
    Glowing bright and high.... more »

  • The Sweetest Goodbye

    I realize when I look at you,
    Things I never saw before.
    Your soft lips delight my skin,
    Thrill me to the core.... more »

  • The Unspoken Dream

    Faraway the darkness has fallen,
    Upon my unspoken dreams.
    In the mist I hear them calling,
    Where sunlight seldom beams.... more »

  • The Walls Of My Heart

    Within the walls of my heart,
    I can hold you close...
    I can hold you to me...
    Where you belong,... more »

  • The Winner Takes It All

    I heard the winner takes it all,
    When something good has to die.
    Well, this time I'm the winner,
    And this time you have to cry.... more »

  • There For You

    I'll be there for you-
    In heart and in body.
    I am here for you;
    To help all I can,... more »

  • There's Something I Have To Tell You....

    There's something I have to tell you,
    And it doesn't come easy to say.
    I pray it doesn't make you blue,
    To discover my parents feel this way.... more »

  • Think Of Me....

    Think of me with laughter,
    Not with sadness or grief.
    Remember the wonderful things I did,
    And make my dreams your own belief.... more »

  • This Is Not My Life

    I know what my life is - and this is not my life.
    I've waited so long, cried so many tears,
    Yet still, five months later,
    My world is still a foolish game,... more »

  • Through A Crystal Tear

    I never knew how special you were
    Until you were far away
    Now that we are separated
    I miss you everyday.... more »

  • Time

    Time can go so slow,
    Time without your love,
    And laughter and song.... more »

  • Uncertainty

    Last night I heard you talking,
    As the sun sunk in the sky...
    You said that you missed me,
    You are sad that we said goodbye.... more »

  • What Yellow Roses Mean To Me

    An image of a yellow rose, growing in my mind's eye,
    A fragile and delicate flower,
    It's beauty cannot die...
    Alive like a baby son;... more »

  • When You Hold Me

    You think you've used me,
    Just to appease your lust...
    But I got news for you, baby,
    Your cover is starting to rust.... more »