• A Bad Snap

    He: That isn't you.
    She: It's me, in my blue skirt
    And scarlet coat and little golden shoes.
    He: Not good enough.... more »

  • A Blouse Machinist

    Miss Murphy has blue eyes and blue-black hair,
    Her machine's opposite mine
    So I can stare
    At her pale face and shining blue-black hair.... more »

  • A Bronte Legend

    They say she was a creature of the moor,
    A lover of the angels, silence bound.
    She sought no friendships. She was too remote,... more »

  • A Bunch Of Lilac And A Storm Of Hail

    A bunch of lilac and a storm of hail
    On the same afternoon! Indeed I know
    Here in the South it always happens so,... more »

  • A Deity

    Sometimes I think God has his days
    For being friends.
    He says: 'Forgive my careless ways.
    No one pretends... more »

  • A Lady And I Were Walking

    A lady and I were walking
    Where waters flow;
    A lady and I were talking
    Softly and slow.... more »

  • A Meaning Learnt

    I'm not his wife. I am his paramour:
    His wayside love, picked up in journeying:
    Rose of the hedgerows; fragrant, till he fling... more »

  • A Parlourmaid

    'I want a parlourmaid.'
    'Well, let me see
    If you were God, what kind of maid she'd be.'
    'She would be tall,... more »

  • A Prayer To Saint Rosa

    When I am so worn out I cannot sleep
    And yet I know I have to work next day... more »

  • A Sophistical Argument

    Great crane o'ertopping the delicate trees
    Why do you seem so fair,
    Swaying and raising your load with ease... more »

  • A Strike Rhyme

    The strike's done.
    The men won.
    The ships sail the sea
    To bring back... more »

  • Adventurers

    This morning I got up before the sun
    Had seized the hill,
    And scrambled heart-hot, noisy, past each one... more »

  • After Rain

    I'd like to be a nun
    And go and say
    My rosary beneath the trees out there.... more »

  • All Knowledge . . .

    I know more about flowers,
    And Pat knows about ships.
    'Schooner' and 'barquentine'
    Are words of note on his lips.... more »

  • All Through The Day At My Machine

    All through the day at my machine
    There still keeps going
    A strange little tune through heart and head... more »

  • An Improver

    Maisie's been holding down her head all day,
    Her little red head. And her pointed chin
    Rests on her neck that slips so softly in... more »

  • And Is Love Very Strong Where Honour Rules?

    And is love very strong where honour rules?
    Would the world ever speak of Lancelot's love
    Or Tristram's love had they put honour first?... more »

  • Appearances

    I hated them when I was four years old,
    The bright pink berries on the pepper tree.
    And now they seem quite beautiful to me.... more »

  • Ay, Ay, Ay, The Lilies Of The Garden

    Ay, ay, ay, the lilies of the garden
    With red threads binding them and stars about,
    These shall be her symbols, for she is high and holy,... more »

  • Beauty And Terror

    Beauty does not walk through lovely days.
    Beauty walks with horror in her hair.
    Down long centuries of pleasant ways... more »

  • Birthday

    I have a sister whom God gave to me;
    He formed her out of trouble and the mists of the sea.
    Like Aphrodite, she came to me full-grown.... more »

  • Body And Soul

    Through the Museum
    I stroll, and see
    Goblets fashioned in Arcady,
    Spears from the Islands, and robes from Tyre—... more »

  • Buddha In The Workroom

    Sometimes the skirts I push through my machine
    Spread circlewise, strong petalled lobe on lobe,
    And look for the rapt moment of a dream... more »

  • Cherry Plum Blossom In An Old Tin Jug

    Cherry plum blossom in an old tin jug —
    Oh, it is lovely, beautiful and fair,
    With sun on it and little shadows mixed... more »

  • Child Sun

    Child Sun
    Why will you play Peep Bo
    Now in, now out
    The workroom window so?... more »