Biography of Lesiba Matlala

A young gifted and eminent artist
goes by the name of Lesiba Phillip Matlala...
Was born in 1994 in a place Ga-Masenya Location in Mapela, he then went
to Mahwelereng, Phola Park where his passion for poetry grew.

And went back to a place he was born in to complete his grade 12 a Sekoba Secondary School.

His famous quotes were
" As a word poet
I believe poetry is the greatest and the best delight of my life. A remedy that set my mind free like a pigeon flying high up in the skies. And I believe poetry flows my veins as gift from my forefathers."

He started writing poetry at the age of 14,
Lesiba Phillip Matlala
With a natural artistic gift as a poet and writer and he
was destined to be an artist.

He is a talented and a noble artist who tells many stories through Poetry writing,
Lesiba is known as being ‘ MrVersatile Da-YoungKing, The Voice Of Peace'
His artistic spirit creates a stir as he has a way of expressing himself

Poet MrVersatile Da-YoungKing is a South African vibrant and noble smith. He writes different types of poetry based on love, peace and hatred. His poetry
tackles racism, family and giving young African women and men a global voice.

MrVersatile Da-YoungKing is a South African word poet who uses poetry and the
power of the internet to give African women and men a global voice.

His words are never gone dry and are delivered without formula or
In a written format, his poetry calms and solace the broken souls.

He spent most of his time writing love poems and long and short motivational quotes.


Lesiba MrVersatile Poems



Stage name: MrVersatile Da YoungKing
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Not Too Good At Goodbyes

MrVersatile Da YoungKing

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Whispering Heart

Whispering Heart

MrVersitile Da YoungKing
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Lesiba MrVersatile Quotes

No, Now never need nothing, but  something so solitaire, only life. Lesiba M
value packs of life not treasures of this world.

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