Born in Bedford, moved to Scotland when I was six. Lived in the Highlands for awhile then worked and lived in London for 12 years where I did an LLB degree in English Law. Favourite topic was Jurisprudence - the science and theory of human law. Practised as a paralegal in a top London law firm for awhile but career did not take off, so returned to Scotland - Edinburgh. Have kept up an academic interest in Jurisprudence due to corruption within the British judiciary, details at and every once in a while a poem arises within me. My Granmother was also into poetry and I have sampled some of her delights and gems as well.


Lesley McDade Poems

The Teapot House

My Grandmama has a Teapot House,
A china elephant, and a china mouse.
They are just ornaments on a shelf,
The teapot she never uses herself.... more »


Five past nine, late again
Bus, clock, slept in

Ten Past, breakfast... more »

Robin All-Alone

Why are you always on your own,
Robin Redbreast, Robin all-alone?
Perched on my fence you sing your song
With bright eyes watching other birds throng... more »

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