• Birds

    A graceful movement across the sky,
    It is a seagull passing by,
    Touch of cream and fawn, orange and brown,
    A house sparrow comes flying down.... more »

  • Lonely

    When I’m lonely, I’m all alone,
    A little room or a big one.
    Beautiful, rich and well kept four walls
    By myself, cold.... more »

  • My Walking Stick

    You are very mischievious, my walking stick,
    And love to play on me a trick.
    I leave you hanging on the back of my chair,
    And when I return I find you are not there.... more »

  • Robin All-Alone

    Why are you always on your own,
    Robin Redbreast, Robin all-alone?
    Perched on my fence you sing your song
    With bright eyes watching other birds throng... more »

  • Room 101

    Lord Woolf (as he is American) :
    Professor Richard Susskind OBE (as he is corrupt) :
    The Lord Chancellor (as he is also an American) :
    The English Legal System (as it is legally and morally bankrupt) .... more »

  • Singing The Blues

    I woke up this morning
    Put my big toe out of bed
    Tried to raise my head from the pillow
    But it was a lump of lead... more »

  • The Face Behind The Keys

    Is a genie hiding in my typewriter?
    Or a gremlin, or imp, perhaps?
    I can see him grinning, the cheeky blighter,
    And hear him mock between the taps.... more »

  • The Teapot House

    My Grandmama has a Teapot House,
    A china elephant, and a china mouse.
    They are just ornaments on a shelf,
    The teapot she never uses herself.... more »

  • What A Dreary World It Would Be

    What a dreary world it would be
    If there was no tales of Fantasy!
    No Mister Rabbit, no Mister Mouse,
    No Fairy Princess, Queen or King,... more »

  • Work

    Five past nine, late again
    Bus, clock, slept in

    Ten Past, breakfast... more »