Lesley Taylor has been writing poetry for 6 years, and is continually modifying her style. She currently writes a lot of freeverse and unrhymed poetry. Her work is typically discussing views on morality and life from a Christian standpoint.

Lesley lives in Massachusetts and enjoys reading Cummings, Dickinson, Whitman, Neruda, and Poe. She intends to pursue a career as an English teacher.


Lesley Taylor Poems

In An Infinite Way

He said watch the birds
and he said smile
and stare up at the sky
and you'll feel small... more »

Writers Hands

Her nails soft and chewed
graphite nestled deeply and
ink blotched on fingertips
calloused and cut in the battle... more »

An Almost Goodbye

Frosty fingers intertwine
elaborate lace, peering eyes
and what is this I feel inside?
what darkness is amiss?... more »

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