• 4th Of July

    The rocket’s red glare
    Triggered in many great fear,
    For the land of the brave
    Sends many to their grave.... more »

  • 911 (September 11th)

    Two swords stabbed Her heart,
    Another cut the arms,
    Another fell on the stomach.
    Bleeding, the woman stumbled.... more »

  • A Basketball (Tercet)

    Yes, everyone must have a basketball.
    It's the gift that must be given to all,
    Because with it, everyone can have a ball.... more »

  • A Blessing

    Death is a blessing
    I want to rest
    My life is over
    I gave it my best.... more »

  • A Changed Man (Rubaiyat)

    Yesteryear, in the days when I was young,
    I was a man who never watched his tongue.
    This caused my loved ones to have teary eyes.
    But since I met Christ, a new song I’ve sung.... more »

  • A Crawfish Stir (Split Sestet)

    The black stripy crayfish,
    makes my favorite dish:
    'Crayfish-Spice! '
    Which sautéed with radish,... more »

  • A Crying Moon...

    The moon is calling me tonight.
    I hear its rings: its desperate plight,
    in the wind's fading howls,
    which echoes the passing growls... more »

  • A Flower Uncut

    Who would have thought that perfection was palpable.
    Angel speck-less, man can touch, unbelievable!
    Beauty wrapped in flesh, the panacea to man’s
    sore heart is found. I can see her. I truly can!... more »

  • A Foolish Heart

    'Forever yours' was promised many times.
    Other times, it though she was so precious that
    It waited in lines,
    Standing, hoping, praying, for her attention.... more »

  • A Growing Home

    Home is where the heart is.

    My home is upon your lips,
    in your palms of your hands... more »

  • A Heart Write

    They said it couldn’t be done,
    But I did it!
    I bypassed hand and mind,
    And wrote words with my heart!... more »

  • A Husband's Request

    Let my tongue tell you things in touch
    That it could never say in words
    Let it tickle your every curve and
    Delve into your deepest reaches... more »

  • A Kiss

    I dipped my tongue to enjoy the sugary sweet.
    Passion bloomed in thick syrupy emotions.
    We stuck to each other enjoying the treat
    That love had to offer - passionate kisses.... more »

  • A Kiss 2

    They call it a kiss
    A butterfly’s touch
    The gentlest rest... more »

  • A Kiss Is More Than A Kiss

    If I were to stand in a pool of your tears
    And found that my acts placed them there
    Then love, my love… I would sink to hell.
    Where there is life I would not dwell.... more »

  • A Lantern Kiss

    A bright lantern kiss between you and I,
    It is soft as the breeze and big as the sky.
    Bright is the moment in our little place.
    We touch our hearts, by joining our face.... more »

  • A Lesson Learnt

    Rain has fallen again
    Musty it made the air
    Muddy it made the soil
    And it took the sun away... more »

  • A Love That Blossomed (Shakespearian Sonnet)

    We were best friends before we felt the love
    Which came as unexpected rain or shine
    And took our air as done to skies above
    In sudden storm of heavenly design.... more »

  • A Meeting In Dreamland (Ballad)

    And so it is the journey begins
    Each night we lay our heads.
    We go to nirvana - deep within
    The corners of our beds.... more »

  • A Millenium Away

    Syracuse suddenly
    Slid across the border;
    The old architecture,
    still a mile away from... more »

  • A Natural Girl (Heavenly Gift)

    Like the sun in the moon’s path
    you eclipse all things earthly
    To show your light, beautiful,
    In the dark of night; you make... more »

  • A Poem On Love

    Tell me that love is not a burden
    And I will tell you that you have not loved

    1,... more »

  • A Prayer

    God, this righteousness, let it not be of self,
    For such avails to nothing. Instead, Lord,
    Let the righteousness I show be in you, Lord.
    And lord, in my flesh I do not share full Joy... more »

  • A Rose

    Yesterday I saw a rose
    Along the desert bed,
    sprayed with rocks and dust
    Its petals flickered red,... more »

  • A Scientist's Love Story

    If I were a substrate,
    you would be my active site.
    If I loved explosives,
    you would be my dynamite.... more »