• I Love The Way She Prays

    I love the way she prays
    Her faith sealed the deal
    When they were here and there
    Her faith in God was real... more »

  • I Love Woman

    Why did God make woman
    In the likeness of eve?
    With her succulent lips
    she deceives.... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you
    Like the moon loves the sun.
    Without you, I do not shine
    You are the source of my light.... more »

  • I Miss My Love

    Love is good,
    Always is.
    Love is bad,
    Always is.... more »

  • I Miss My Love!

    I envy the dirt that sticks to your shoe
    It goes everywhere you do
    And I envy the tissue that wipes your noes
    It gets kisses in those gentle blows,... more »

  • I Miss...

    I miss your tongue the most
    - How it restrained speech;
    Yet even if I could have spoken,
    I would not have had the words... more »

  • I Read A Poem

    I read a poem with a hidden note
    That tickled my ear with a lovely sound
    And like sea breeze it rocked my boat
    While I was standing upon the ground... more »

  • I Saw God

    In eyes as clear as the air I breathe, I saw God.
    I removed all the years and the cataract of life, and I saw God

    I saw God in the father that stayed.... more »

  • I Should Take A Break

    I desperately try to make chairs
    and tables with the wood I have,
    but these chippings and sawdust
    refuse to take hold of the glue.... more »

  • I Simply Don'T Belong

    Tumbling forth with Brains on-board
    I can't help but think, "my golly, I'm bored! "
    It seems like in the mix I just don't fit
    For many a brain, but many a twit.... more »

  • I Sit In Wait Of My Darling Spring (Italian (Petrarchan) Sonnet)

    On steps, I sit awaiting my sweet spring
    Hung on the panes of tomorrow's window,
    Where luscious grass and Poinsettias grow,
    As Bluebirds, Robins, and Nightingales sing.... more »

  • I Thank You

    God, the pain
    That keeps me in prayer,
    I thank you for it!
    And I am not dead yet,... more »

  • I Want To Do Right For My Favorite Girl

    I want to find the very first grains of sand
    That nucleates formation of the pearl
    And with them build us a house on the land
    I want to do right for my favorite girl.... more »

  • I Was Drunk And It Was Fun

    I was drunk and it was fun,
    At least I think so, it did not return
    To keep save in my memory,
    The last 16 hours lived by me.... more »

  • I Will Love No More

    Too many times have I let my guard down to have my heart taken.
    Too many times have I let my guard down to have my heart broken.
    I was prepared to give her everything that I have,
    I was prepared to give her all that I am.... more »

  • I Will Not Rush Our Love

    You told me you love me and I smiled
    I smiled for joy, and I smiled from laughter
    My soul laughed from its smiles
    I was happy. You loved me. And I loved you.... more »

  • I Will Pack The Bags

    Spring is coming
    The squirrels say
    They're back to mischieving
    Their nutty way!... more »

  • I Wish To Be A Poet

    Your praise of my work makes
    Me feel this joy on the inside.
    My heart smiles, smiles for the while
    And continues. Your comments make me push... more »

  • I Wish To Love You More (Sestina)

    Complete describes you well but not enough
    So too enough does not tell what’s in store –
    Although astute, the tongue knows not the words
    That brings to life the need within my heart... more »

  • I Won

    I can shoot and score but cannot dribble.
    As a child I never had trouble keeping the ball,
    After all, I played with the wind, and it was
    Not enough to knock the ball from my hand.... more »

  • I’ve Written All I Know

    I’ve written all I know.

    I’ve written of sunrise
    And of sunsets,... more »

  • If A Thug Found Santa's Sleigh

    Hey, Mr. Thug, what would you do if one day
    Your car is switched with Santa's sleigh?
    Would you give a grill to Santa's reindeer
    So that they'll look tough and inspire fear?... more »

  • If Angels Show Behind The Dropped Ball

    What if angels show behind the dropped ball
    And Christ appears; but not for all,
    The trumpets sound and the elect are raised,
    Would you be found giving God praise?... more »

  • If I Knew

    If I knew then
    that you'd change me forever
    that you'd redefine my definition of lover
    and affect my ability to love... more »

  • If I Were A Seed

    If I were a seed,
    I would sit in wait
    of the coming bird
    that would take me away... more »