• If Love Were...

    If love were mud,
    Coming from you,
    I would collect barrels!
    And they'd be with me,... more »

  • If The Sky Fell?

    If the sky fell
    Then we would
    All go to hell.
    We would be trapped... more »

  • If You Would Show A Little Love

    I wish to inform you of a fact
    It's something very few know.
    It is like fertilizer to trees
    Something to help you grow.... more »

  • I'Ll Be Quiet

    It’s poison,
    Is it not…
    To the heart?
    The tongue and lip... more »

  • I'Ll Save My Kiss

    You, my Love,
    Love's Love.
    My Heart's Heart... more »

  • I'Ll Stand Alone

    I‘ll Stand Alone

    Ordinarily I should not
    After all, men give up their hearts... more »

  • I'Ll Stay

    The dream
    Has all but died
    The tears
    My heart does cry... more »

  • I'M An Alien.

    I'm an alien with a green-card made of flesh.
    I have stay and the benefits, but I'm not of it.
    I hold no claim to this place and long for home.
    Home sweet home.... more »

  • I'M In Love

    I love the sunrise, they remind me of your eyes.
    I love the setting moon, they say love comes soon.
    I love your silent words: your eyes sing like morning birds,
    Your heart drums the beat of love; I know I am within the beat.... more »

  • I'M Made In His Image/ God Knows Best For Me (Common Measure)

    I stood in absolute wonder
    Looking in the mirror
    At the big nose and crooked head,
    Thinking it's an error.... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    Emotions can't describe this feeling, my dear
    It is not love, nor joy; is it not sorrow nor fear
    I try to cry, but I'm not worthy of my tears
    I try to smile, but my happiness is not near... more »

  • Imagine

    I am not making this world my home
    For my spirit cries for more from within
    It cries to be free of the bondage of sin
    To be as one with its maker and God... more »

  • In The Islands (Rondeau Redoublé)

    In the islands there's no winter; there is no snow,
    From January to December the birds sing,
    Until it's beheld there's harmony you'll never know;
    Just imagine living life within unending spring.... more »

  • In Your Pretty Eyes (Villanelle)

    Their beauty is a wonderful surprise,
    But even after the blushed sunset fades,
    I will find Heaven in your pretty eyes.... more »

  • Infinite Kisses

    She told me that in her heart she has an infinite supply of kisses
    For me!
    Some kisses she said are gentle, to soothe my sore head, and
    Others... more »

  • Inner Worth

    There was one a case
    When I chose not by face
    But by the soul within,
    Saw the end not beginning.... more »

  • Inspiration

    Upon Chaucer's pillow I rest my head,
    And off his table I eat my meat and bread,
    As he does, so too I command Mars at will;
    Yielding an angelic tongue my only skill.... more »

  • Into My Head (Dreams)

    To go into my head,
    I must tread the familiar part-
    My heart.
    Along the journey,... more »

  • Into The Land Of The Angels

    Orchestrated birds in flight
    Soaring beyond the great moon
    Diving into the unending abyss of heaven
    Into the dorms of the angels... more »

  • Irene's Coming

    Her name I'll never give my child,
    because she has been found to be wild.
    I find it hard to be proud of her,
    She's the worst of mother nature.... more »

  • It Always Feels Brand New (Short Rondel)

    It always feels brand new - her kissing me.
    Each one takes my breath away -completely.
    As a childlike eagerness fills her eyes,
    I gaze deep into them, and see no lies.... more »

  • It Is Closure

    It is closure that my heart seeks.
    I approached you humbly, even meekly,
    Seeking resolve from this distress.
    It was as a good time, you agree, yes?... more »

  • It Is Only Through Form That I Live On

    I'm contemplating on form and on meter:
    The patterns of poetry confined by guards
    that keep watch over those exalted god-
    accepted patterned rhymes - o none is sweeter.... more »

  • It's All About You

    You asked, if you're all I think about,
    well, the answer is Yes!
    You are the apple of my eyes,
    The sweet taste of my mouth.... more »

  • It's God

    When you can't control your feet,
    But you're moving to the beat:
    it's God!... more »