• How Much I Love You

    have I ever told you how much I love you?
    I love you this much, '... more »

  • How Stories Come To Be

    I ate a whale one time
    It was fresh so I added some lime,
    And though it lived in the sea
    My whale was not very salty... more »

  • Hullabaloo 2

    Sleep refuses to bestow her grace upon me.
    I close my eyes,
    And I see your big brown eyes
    And feel your perfect face pressed up mine:... more »

  • Humanity? ? ?

    Advocator of peace
    But bringer of war
    50 in all
    Yet, one shining star.... more »

  • I Am A Fighter

    Who am I? Am I more than yesterday’s dreams?
    The last dropp of wine at the bottom of barrel
    The cactus in the desert where forest once bloomed
    The puckered lips on reminiscing her kiss... more »

  • I Am Beautiful! (Italian (Petrarchan) Sonnet)

    In-case you don't know, I am very cute!
    Take a good look at my lovely smile,
    You’ll have to let your eyes cure for a while,
    But you will notice that I speak the truth.... more »

  • I Am Black

    The soil took from me as much as I could give.
    It took to mimic me, but left enough that I’ll live.
    It took to make mountains, lakes, rivers and seas;
    The ridges of my back are molded in eternities.... more »

  • I Am Christ's

    In Heaven, at the right hand of God I’ll sit,
    I haven’t been there, but my eyes can see it.
    Adorned in righteous robes, I’ll stand by the king.
    I will see angels flying with their angelic wings.... more »

  • I Am Cloud (A Whitney)

    As the clouds
    Float free in form:
    Big and bold,
    Taking on worlds,... more »

  • I Am Glad I Could Return

    It's been a long time
    Since I set aside time
    For me and my God
    buss a lime-... more »

  • I Am Leaving You

    I petrify in your mind and waste away in your hands.

    I was given to you fresh - brand new -... more »

  • I Am Me

    Am I the wind?
    Or am I the rain?
    The puffs of air I make,
    Do they come from me?... more »

  • I Am My Heart; I Will Sleep

    It is day one of seven,
    But feels like a thousand;
    Yet not days or hours
    Or years, but life-times;... more »

  • I Am The Footsteps Along The Way

    He reads this every day
    And he says the words I say.
    “Precious child of mine,
    No need to moan and whine,... more »

  • I Am The Wind Vane (Tuanortsa)

    I am the wind vane.
    I depend on the wind
    To turn.
    It is my energy.... more »

  • I Am...

    I am the stain on the glass window
    And the spilled ink on that canvas,
    I am the squeaking sound at your front door
    And every country on your atlas.... more »

  • I Choose Eternity, Not An Hour

    Love, spending an eternity with you
    is more important than having you today;
    My words need to be perfect. What I say
    Will be your very first image of me.... more »

  • I Don'T Like Greedy People :)

    If a blade of grass
    Asked for the air they breathe
    To mix with water
    To make food that they might eat,... more »

  • I Figured Out The Problem

    The problem is that I can be seen;
    That I am a breathing
    Living, human being.... more »

  • I Give And Collect Rain

    I find the heart for love is like a bowl,
    An empty bowl, which must be filled to flow
    Outside its borders like the pouring rain.... more »

  • I Give You My Heart

    Phantom-mized when I stare into your eyes.
    The curse willing me to give you my heart.
    In you, I find the calm that I sought,
    In this world of masks and disguises,... more »

  • I Had Enough Of You

    I am tired of that same old kiss
    And hearing of the unforeseen bliss.
    For your company I do not yearn;
    You cause no flames to keenly burn.... more »

  • I Hate Doors

    She stands by the door,
    She, my beautiful wife,
    stands there with love,
    waiting for the word, waiting to open-... more »

  • I Love Her

    Simply put
    She loves me
    She is mine
    She loves me... more »

  • I Love My Wife (Rondelet)

    I love my wife.
    I love when we touch nose-to-nose.
    I love my wife.
    I love her, more than I love life,... more »