• ..But A Short Time To Live

    Our little hour,—how swift it flies
    When poppies flare and lilies smile;
    How soon the fleeting minute dies,
    Leaving us but a little while... more »

  • From An Outpost

    I've tramped South England up and down
    Down Dorset way, down Devon way,
    Through every little ancient town
    Down Dorset way, down Devon way.... more »

  • From The Somme

    In other days I sang of simple things,
    Of summer dawn, and summer noon and night,
    The dewy grass, the dew wet fairy rings,... more »

  • Judgment

    So be it, God, I take what Thou dost give,
    And gladly give what Thou dost take away.
    For me Thy choice is barren days and grey.... more »

  • The God Who Waits

    The old men in the olden days,
    Who thought and worked in simple ways,
    Believed in God and sought His praise.... more »

  • The Rainbow

    Watch the white dawn gleam,
    To the thunder of hidden guns.
    I hear the hot shells scream
    Through skies as sweet as a dream... more »

  • Who Made The Law ?

    Who made the Law that men should die in shadows ?
    Who spake the word that blood should splash in lanes ?... more »