Hello, My name is Leslie Hedlund and
as you already can see I am a fan of poetry.
Which is why I decided to put some of My work out there, and see what others might think of them.So if you have read My pieces please let me know if I'm any good.

Thank you all,
And keep writing.


Leslie Hedlund Poems

My Vow

I vow to thee My heart and soul,
That no matter what happens nor comes between,
I shall Always love thy,
Steven A. Payne.... more »

I Am...

Every time I close My eyes, I see this face,
I can't describe.
As I look deeper in My heart,
This face begins to form.... more »

My Only Love

One the day that I moved,
I knew I would miss you.
And ever time I think of those days,
They always make me feel blue.... more »

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