• Always And Forever

    Ever since the day I saw you,
    something inside me knew,
    that we could be best friends,
    and the rest was up to you.... more »

  • Happy Birthday Blues

    I gave you a card thats says HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
    Inside five dollars and a message I need to say.
    For every dollar I give you,
    You gave me pain.... more »

  • Hidden Message

    In the past, My heart felt so
    Lonely, until you asked me to be yous
    On June 10/2007, now feeling
    Very loved, every time I look into those... more »

  • I Am...

    Every time I close My eyes, I see this face,
    I can't describe.
    As I look deeper in My heart,
    This face begins to form.... more »

  • Inner Pain

    All My inner pain, is starting to drive me insane.
    The loneliness I feel, I wonder will My heart ever heal.
    Being abandoned all the time, getting left out from all the fun.
    I end up in the dark so much, I forgot the sun.... more »

  • Letting You Know, Or Just Go

    I see you three times a day,
    Walking by me saying 'Hey'
    With that smile on your face,
    That makes my heart race.... more »

  • Missing You

    As the days go by,
    I sit here thinking of you,
    Wishing and prying you are too.
    Wondering if you ever think of me,... more »

  • My Only Love

    One the day that I moved,
    I knew I would miss you.
    And ever time I think of those days,
    They always make me feel blue.... more »

  • My Vow

    I vow to thee My heart and soul,
    That no matter what happens nor comes between,
    I shall Always love thy,
    Steven A. Payne.... more »

  • Pain In My Payne

    Why must My Payne go through so much pain,
    All this pain is driving me insane.
    Family, School, and Girls,
    So much inside makes me want to hurl.... more »

  • Payne In The Rain

    Saw you last on Tuesday,
    That was New years baby.
    No lunches,
    with the love of mine,... more »

  • The Middle Child

    Mommy, Daddy, why won't anybody listen to me?
    Hello anyone?
    Remember me?... more »

  • Untitled For Diaz

    Noticed you in 7th
    Loved you in 8th
    Hated you by 9th
    Missing you around 10th... more »