• Changes

    My feelings today
    will not be the same tomorrow,
    seconds from now,
    minutes from now,... more »

  • Done With Love

    I am so done...
    Love is so hard...
    Loving someone who doesn't love me...
    Wasting my time...... more »

  • Forget About Love

    ... more »

  • My Feelings Have To Stop

    Making mistakes over and over again...
    Hurting myself day by day...
    Not being able to forget...
    What we had together...... more »

  • My Priceless Gift, My Baby

    Oh future baby
    Can't believe you have made me a mom
    Holding you for the very first time
    Getting to see you today is something I would ask for everyday... more »

  • Not True Love

    My heart you have won
    When we were together there was no spark
    But you left me with our son
    By myself in the dark.... more »

  • Racism Should Come To A Stop

    Racism is based on a person's ethnicity.
    Many people be judging each other
    Without reasons to hate.... more »

  • What Love Brings

    Being in love
    Brings happiness,
    Memories to create,
    Many years to look forwards,... more »

  • You Make My Depression Stronger

    Him ignoring me makes my depression stronger
    Him not loving me makes my depression stronger
    Him not trying in our relationship makes my depression stronger
    Him not texting me makes my depression stronger... more »