• All About Me

    when i was born
    i really didn't know alot
    as i got older i seemed to get bolder
    but time marches on... more »

  • Broken

    heart bleeding through the ground
    as she listens to the heart pound of her baby
    she knows god is watching over her.... more »

  • Childhood Friends

    ... more »

  • Crying Out

    The other day I cried out for help
    Nobody there to listen
    I have been dealing with my pain for along time.
    But nobody seemed to notice... more »

  • Dad

    dad I may not know you
    but I wish I did
    I dreamed of heraing your voice
    hearing the way you laugh... more »

  • Does Anybody Hear Her

    does anybody hear her
    she is crying out for help begging on her knee's please
    one more chance and i'll be the best kid you every had
    she just wants to make someone pround of her... more »

  • Dont Listen/ Listen

    Don't listen when they tell you that you can't be somebody well known someday
    Don't listen
    to the stupid remarks people say
    Don't listen... more »

  • Esperanza 2 El Desesperado

    ... more »

  • Father

    Dad you’re the one that helps
    Me along the way
    From day to day.
    The one that helps me and I hope to be like you someday.... more »

  • Friend

    I hope your the right friend
    i hope to keep you until the end
    until the day we depart
    i hope to keep you in my heart... more »

  • Gangster Life

    ... more »

  • Graduation

    A puzzle together
    a puzzle apart
    each piece belongs to my heart... more »

  • Hope 2 The Hopeless

    When you feel like there
    Is no hope
    don't give up for there is someone out there that is holding you by rope he will hold you and wont let you fall all you got to do is call on his name. this person I am talking about wont crush your dreams it will make you want to be a better person in side
    He the one I am talking about will never leave your side... more »

  • How

    how can you love the people how hurt you?
    and hate the people who love you?
    well these are the questions I ask myself daily
    because I loved the person who beat me I wanted her to love me back... more »

  • I Can

    I can
    get up and try again
    never give up because
    you wont win... more »

  • I'M Thinking Of You Always

    i'm thinking of you always
    your smile that makes my day
    your smile that keeps me running your way
    your smile i love.... more »

  • In My Eyes

    In this world carry’s a lot of pain
    It showers the world like big drops of rain.

    You can walk down the street and cry... more »

  • Life

    Sometimes life can be a pain
    when your life just stays the same
    when you to keep up with the game
    it just seems like your life stays the same... more »

  • Love

    Everyone wants true love
    but it is hard to find
    and if you find it
    then hold on to it and never let it go... more »

  • Man

    Man just sitting here watching time pass me by
    I hope to god that I don’t die.
    But I don’t know why now after all these years and living with so many fears
    The tears just run down my face as I drink a couple bottles of beers hoping to release my pain man this doesn’t seem to stop my fears.... more »

  • Masculino Vida

    ... more »

  • Miss You

    I miss you
    I don't see how I can live without you today
    you taught me how to live life to the fullest
    be all that I could be... more »

  • Mom

    mom every year I wrote you
    a letter to tell you
    how much I loved you
    I want you to know how much... more »

  • Mother

    Mom is the word for you
    There is nobody that can take your place
    You’re the one that helps me to run this life.... more »

  • My God

    my god
    saved me from my past
    my god gave me pease
    my god turned my life around... more »