Lewis Carroll Comments (11)

loved the second movie o :)
Nice movie
I couldn't remember the second word of the poem - which has been playing thru my head for months, maybe years, thanks! It's fun to quote the first 3 lines. if you can.
he twas great and awesomeness
Wow just amazing
I want smallest poem but I did not got
Such whimsical poems. I always enjoy his poetry.
Family Secrets might be better left secrets. Alice's mother was one of Charles best friends. How old was Alice? Seems her mother had no problem with Charles being with her daughters. So maybe we should just leave this be.
What is the literary elements in this poem and how do those elements portray the conflict between passion and responbility?
This poem is a remix of poems by Tennyson and Wordsworth-it was a commonplace of Victorian criticism that Tennyson was Wordsworth's literary heir. Carroll includes references to We are Seven, The Intimations Ode, Lady Clara Vere de Vere, and Locksley Hall.
Whee, his poems are cool! They are funny and sometimes confusing, but I always like them. Why isn't Humpty Dumpty's Song on here?