• Death In The Cities

    Death in the Cities
    By Lewis Dowell, III

    She stuck your hand up her butt... more »

  • Error Of The Ephors

    Celestial conferences of minced words
    Incorrectly bespoken in paradise,
    But hushed within the symmetry
    Of that which was and was not;... more »

  • Et Moi?

    Et moi?
    I'll reside by the Tigris river
    Where the water flows just pass my knees
    I'll let the cool breeze lift the sweat from my skin,... more »

  • Harbingers Of Darkness

    Those harbingers of darkness,
    Whose primal hands
    Seek to take down
    Walkers of the burning sands-... more »

  • Harmonious Vapors Of The Oracle

    The oracle,
    Breathing deeply
    From the spring
    Dancing with hypnotic notions,... more »

  • Hi. What?

    Hi. What?
    Oh you.
    It's been a while.... more »

  • Huh, Oh, What, Umph.

    (@@) 6 strings on the heart
    & like a solemn solioquy
    <> 1 snare for the tarts
    bending to the beat... more »

  • In Dem Times

    In dem times
    Der were crawlin' fountains
    And bol' runners
    Who moved in de grooves... more »

  • It's Winter Time

    It's winter time,
    I've nestled up snuggly
    Under the burnished sky
    Collecting thoughts of new poems... more »

  • Jewels For A Jewel

    8 for a date,
    Got settled awhile,
    Young child, wild to wild men's dreams
    Playing lullabies to invisible kings,... more »

  • Lemons And Limes~

    Lemons and Limes
    Lemons and Limes
    The more I see lemons
    The more I like limes... more »

  • Nights To Knights

    Nights moved to knights
    Like crusaders broken by the times
    Taken to the trials of life
    From some sacred vial... more »

  • Niki Loiu Purmn

    Niki Loiu Purmn
    Yaksel i feathers qualms
    Of Birds of paradise
    Rising tides tittles of ripe bananas... more »

  • Nothin' Bout The Airy Nights

    Nothin' bout the airy nights fascinates
    Intrepid nights taken back fo' shiny rivers
    Chances get up, but fakes fall down,
    When grimy grins win in shadows of sin,... more »

  • O' In'E

    O' In'e
    W'out the dream
    Fires unpronounced-
    O' In'e... more »

  • Ode To A Dream

    Oh I, oh I, says I, says I
    Prithee listless or noisy neighbor
    Oh I, oh I, winter days unfathomable
    To a momentous drain on the brain... more »

  • O'Er A Woman! - The Non Inspired Poem

    Nay! Nay!
    Not the superfluous tides
    That moves heaven and earth
    But the rebirth of the higher eagle... more »

  • Plump

    Graceful swimming sounds
    Lovely is the visions
    I have dwelled on thee,
    Goddess of the earth and skies... more »

  • Poeticus Visionae

    Warring powers, winter's eve
    Mega visions taking leave,
    Horror nights, steady hands
    Wasteful demons, barren lands,... more »

  • Poet's Trance-

    Breezes from some delphic diva
    Crossing beyond, anon some Brahmian bar,
    Transient verses, terse at best,
    Bellowing sounds across the shores once blessed,... more »

  • Raging Rags

    Raging rags dipped in oil
    Filthy to the core,
    Rich the pool collected in
    It opens up the door.... more »

  • Rain Falls On The Golden Bow

    Moon drips silky rain
    Up on falling mountain
    Monsoon swoons to wash away fertile soils;
    The morrow sways then sags... more »

  • Said In Eternum Eternum

    Gadfly winces at the coming minions
    Of sordid illiuminations,
    When gyrfalcon dips in uncovered fields
    The sheep shall run away.... more »

  • Seaweed

    eh jokes in the boot
    Nebulus causing zoom
    Nua sheeping sounds... more »

  • Soul

    Sweet rapturous soul
    In benighted times
    I've swoon to move
    To that sacred place... more »