• Summer Wave

    Rain was best.
    When fallen below the waves,
    Ocean breezes would mix
    -Then mingle... more »

  • T’was The Moments

    Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah yeah, yeah,
    Yeah yeah.
    La la la la la laaa... more »

  • The Darkest Night

    The keeper of the shadows knows my name,
    He awaits me at the gates,
    The pathway there is a lonely one,
    One travels this road alone;... more »

  • The Formative Years

    In olden days when the banks were full
    And the gulfs caressed a gilded moon,
    The harvest of the sands would play a tune,
    The keepers of the village... more »

  • The Times

    The times like daffodils befall from the heights
    Moving swiftly towards paradise-
    Thou art the mid-drift swing
    Which brings the ebb and flow of the night-... more »

  • There Will Be No Songs Tonight

    there will be no songs tonight
    no swooning vibes from a crooner's tongue
    just the tap of the blues and a touch of moonlight
    there will be no songs tonight... more »

  • Vei Gras Me

    C'la mua betra dia
    Yuo pta nioala me'
    Tubla gras sei ta lai
    Asni tua teta gi... more »

  • Were There Times Like These

    were there times like this,
    drifting, listless, wile yet guiless to the wind
    an imperfect something, ascending yet descending,
    invulnerable vulnerable-... more »

  • Writers And Poets....A Dedication

    Writers, poets swing from chandeliers
    Happy in the bliss of unlived fear
    The quest of Poseidon once found
    -Relief.... more »