• Alone

    so in time if you let me

    fall in... more »

  • Blake

    today i walked with blake to his jeruselem in tears he saw it fall

    today i took nick drake to see the riverman to give him all he can... more »

  • China White

    So lost in the sound of her voice I don’t hear the words

    she scatters black and white on the table in picture and verse... more »

  • For Paul

    At the last you’re taken from the coil

    And the snowflakes crack my skin... more »

  • Ghost

    whilst you sleep i slowly remove my arms

    once so tightly wrapped around your waist... more »

  • Graves Where Flowers Should Be

    we walked into the garden of love

    saw things we shouldn't have... more »

  • Its Quiet Here, There Is No One Around

    Its quiet here, there is no one around

    Thinks himself into a hole... more »

  • Shadows

    Not every one gets cut by the rose
    But we all bleed the same
    I walk the side of the road
    She walks the edge of the day... more »

  • The Dead Times

    As the morning breaks im black and blue from the punches threw

    in better days i take no time to waste no time... more »