• A Step Aside

    A step aside, ceasing to remember world’s commencement
    Torn apart are the memories of the preceding past
    The mind is cloudy, you are no more tormented
    Look at the world in the new appearance... more »

  • Broken Hearts

    I learned how to break hearts for anything but love
    I could erect your feelings like a flying dove
    Also could destroy it from the face of the earth
    By leaving pain and taking pieces of the souls... more »

  • Broken Hearts Pt.2

    Dust and fog blind your eyes
    Quickly reaching your demise
    Dead end before you, and no turning back
    Down deep inside your soul collided, but no wreck... more »

  • Phoenix Syndrom

    When I die,
    Offer my body to fire, ashes to wind
    The hay’s been stacked, the spark to be delivered
    Who can be trusted with the ritual,... more »

  • The Good With Bad Intentions Die Young...

    All the gold in this world seems to temp them
    Condemned they are in this time of mayhem
    To stay alive behind imaginary barriers
    Of those controlling world at their thrones... more »

  • The Miserable

    The spark of life ignited to oblivion
    A useless piece of paper my life was written on
    Kind words I’ve never heard, I must confess
    When you caressed and loved your children... more »

  • The Sky Of Stone

    Above, the scorching magma flows,
    Stones substituted drops of rain
    Eyes are sealed on the faces of the Holy
    They’re stoned in marble, robbed of their glory... more »

  • When An Angel I Have Not Become...

    I used to cause harm to people
    I didn’t want darkness left by me when I’m gone
    In hell my soul is burning, no way to be withdrawn
    But feet of mine still walk the Earth... more »