• Again

    The Sword-
    Yet it stabs me once again
    Yet I've done this again... more »

  • Betrayal

    Sometimes i feel i have betrayed all my loved ones,
    So caught up in my pain and fears
    Which are softly pulled away by a tear,
    In my mind they are the ones hurting,... more »

  • Failure Or Success?

    When failure is present or showing up near,
    Look around the bend and success will straggle behind the weary path
    Till all you do is try,
    Then success will no longer follow behind.... more »

  • Maybe It Wasn'T?

    As the wind keeps blowing near and dear,
    My love is upon whispering in my ear,
    Whenever it is that i shall truly hear
    It is but when I shall fear,... more »

  • The Path I Walk.

    I walk along this path called life
    I think everything is wrong
    What about the future?
    What will it hold?... more »

  • The Rock Show

    The sound of a human screaming into a microphone,
    The screeching of a guitar,
    And the pounding of the drums.... more »

  • The Truth

    The streets fill with thunder
    The hallways fill with dispute
    My mind fills with thoughts
    My body fills with anguish,... more »