• As Much As I Wanted To Unfinished

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  • Don'T Call Me

    Don't Call Me

    Verse 1: I don't really care what you think now! You pretended to me anyway! Now I gotta
    change my number, and make sure you don't know it again!... more »

  • I Will Love You Always And Forever(Chorus)

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  • Just Go Away(Unfinished)

    Verse 1: Do I really need to cry more, over you? I thought that we were, stuck like glue. My friends could all see through the mask, but for me it wasn't no easy task.

    Chorus: No, I don't really care. To me now your not really there. So please, I beg you, it's okay. But I want you to ju-ust go away!... more »

  • My One And Only Love

    My one and only love

    Verse 1: I don't wanna cry no more, baby, and I don't wanna get hurt no more
    so maybe if you'll let me in your closed door....... more »

  • Nervous

    Ooo, whoaaaa, yea
    (we've all felt it! , uh-huh!)
    It's burnin me up
    Into the flay-ay-ay-aymes... more »

  • Not Your Girl

    I think about it every night
    Why you called me, dark or bright
    Somewhere in my head I knew
    This just wasn't righ-igh-t... more »

  • Personal


    Verse 1: I wrote in my journal this morning, before
    I got ready to run and go, I wrote about how I loved... more »

  • Popstar-Version 1

    Popstar Version 1

    Verse 1: The lights go down, she turns around, she walks towards the crowd, then raises
    the mic, do you know who she is?... more »

  • Some Trade (Kiss Her In The Rain)

    *All part 2 lyrics will be in ∩ ∩ *

    I thought you cared, it wasn't me
    That called you all the time... more »

  • Stay Strong Chorus

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  • Why

    Verse 1: You filled my mind with ugly thoughts, You turned my head around, You made me look like a fool, You turned me upside down!

    Chorus: Why should I go back into the dark when I could have it my way? Why should I sleep when I could be staying up all night and sleeping all day? Your not my controller anymore, I break free of the rules so now who's stuck saying 'Why? '. Whyyyy, whyyy, whyyyyyy-aye.... more »