Lexi Spencer is an aspiring singer/actress/dancer. She writes many lyrics and will be posting them on here for you all to enjoy. She was born in and currently resides in Western NY. She is not famous and does NOT STEAL LYRICS! All lyrics on this website have been originally written by her and are copyrighted! Thanks.


Lexi Spencer Poems

Don'T Call Me

Don't Call Me

Verse 1: I don't really care what you think now! You pretended to me anyway! Now I gotta
change my number, and make sure you don't know it again!... more »


Verse 1: You filled my mind with ugly thoughts, You turned my head around, You made me look like a fool, You turned me upside down!

Chorus: Why should I go back into the dark when I could have it my way? Why should I sleep when I could be staying up all night and sleeping all day? Your not my controller anymore, I break free of the rules so now who's stuck saying 'Why? '. Whyyyy, whyyy, whyyyyyy-aye.... more »

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