• Cheesy

    (I think it's more of a songish thingish thing than a poem-poem but they're practially the same things so enjoy anyways)... more »

  • Clashing

    He said you weren't allowed to have sex?
    Didn't He know how hard that would be?
    For those ravenous eyes and
    Wet dicks,... more »

  • Earspace

    He said he was a soldier
    Said he was a player
    Said he was a hustler
    I don't believe that shit.... more »

  • Gutted

    I am not a whore.
    No I'm not.
    I'm just...confident.... more »

  • Haircut

    Who told you that image does't matter?
    That girl with the pocket mirror
    That never really goes in the pocket
    Always open, always being moaned at.... more »

  • Pointless

    ... more »

  • Propa Lolz

    ... more »

  • So Deep

    Never seen some one want red beryl when they can just have themselves.
    It's not like they're any different.
    And I've always loved that love for that show
    The one where everyone is clever like her... more »

  • Strange

    There are these people
    And you envy them
    And it saddens you
    And it makes you feel bad... more »

  • Stress

    I'm done with this.
    He kept saying he hated the place.
    Everything was wrong.
    I told him to shutup.... more »

  • What A Goon

    Maybe it was my childhood.
    Maybe it was my hormones.
    I don't know.
    All I know is,... more »