• Ballade

    Look into my heart,
    feel the warmth inside,
    write me all, all the way you like.... more »

  • Battlefield

    Gunfire, bullets through the air,
    death spreads like wildfire,
    i can see my comrades flare,
    we lost this battle, sire.... more »

  • Bend The World

    Fire in your heart,
    in the middle of the sea,
    you will play your part,
    you will never be free.... more »

  • Bending Lies Into Your Truth

    My eyes turn red, blue and black,
    is there a crack in my head?
    Fate is preparing a thread,
    to cut the golden rope... more »

  • Black Is Full Of Colour

    Exhale, inhale,
    feel air in your lungs again,
    one by one we come,
    lives are departing faster then a heartbeat,... more »

  • Cut Me Clean

    Deep breaths,
    tightening grip,
    eyes wide open,
    room empty.... more »

  • Cycle

    Like thunder it roars,
    in the mighty sky,
    like a fire it burns,
    in the scarlet eye,... more »

  • Demon.End!

    Demon in, Angel out,
    the evil in me begins to sprout,

    i feel strong inside,... more »

  • Demon.Run!

    Scream, scream, my master,
    demon, demon run away, a disaster,
    thy light will fade, he spoke,
    crumble to dust, turn into smoke.... more »

  • Do We Have, What It Takes?

    We have no mouth,
    but need to scream,
    we have no eyes,
    but need to see.... more »

  • Everything, My Dear!

    You fill my vacant heart with joy,
    darling, smile forever more,
    your beeing, your love is my core,
    even if you are pissed, oh boy.... more »

  • Find Yourself

    Fly in water,
    dive in earth,
    breathe out fire,
    it will be worth.... more »

  • Flowing Life

    Life... more »

  • Fof Syndrom

    Like metall you fold it,
    like air you breathe it,
    every second your eyes are moving,
    to collect information and improving.... more »

  • Gamble

    Snake of truth,
    heart of lies,
    rift of love,
    which is your demise?... more »

  • Grant Me Love! Demon.

    My eyes are deceiving me, i‘d wish,
    everything will be good didn't you say?
    Those nightmares will stop, will fly away?
    Then, tell me, what is it that i see,... more »

  • Hello.... Sweetie!

    Lights flicker around,
    sound is getting louder,
    i hear a ripping noise,
    laugh fills the room.... more »

  • I Am A Dragon!

    Breathing fire out,
    burning the plague,
    bye bye, human crowd,
    you have made a mistake.... more »

  • I Know, Do You Too?

    With nothing i understand,
    that humanity is long dead,
    I cry for a million souls,
    and ask myself, what are our roles?... more »

  • I Lost My Voice

    I will make it in time
    im gonna find another way
    to escape this fate... more »

  • Instinct

    Start the engine,
    start the fire,
    kill the Filth,
    kill the liar.... more »

  • Paint The Masks With Your Voice

    A blue melody ringing in my head,
    colors dancing before my eyes,
    i want to scream as loud as i can,
    knowing i won't get a prize.... more »

  • Paranoia! Oculus.

    I see, i see,
    in the corner of my eye.
    I see, i see,
    a shadow go by.... more »

  • Psycho

    There is a crack in my head,
    Nothing feels right,
    There is a crack in my head,
    i cannot see the light.... more »

  • Satanic Scout

    The bell is ringing,
    the fightt is gonna start,
    first blood is flowing,
    down the rivers heart.... more »