• Alone

    While walking on a morning day,
    With sunshine streaming through the air,
    I listened to the sound of wind,
    And heard what it had to say.... more »

  • Dream

    As I awoke to a hollow chest,
    Where echoes crowded and congregated
    Into a cacophonous roar
    That shook the heavens,... more »

  • It Would Have Been Sufficient

    If it had just been your love,
    If it had just been your smile,
    Dayenu.... more »

  • Life

    Salty, sweet, spicy, sour
    Throughout my life I will devour.
    I share, take,
    laugh, cry.... more »

  • My Little Notepad

    I leave on my nightstand
    A little pad.
    A notepad to keep my dreams
    Alive, well, and fed with ideas I have at night.... more »

  • Something Else

    With a thousand tongues of molten silver,
    and a thousand choirs of heavenly beings,
    I could never approach... more »

  • The Distance Between Us

    The distance between hearts is not measured by the space between us.
    It is measured by the heartbeats that go to waste when you are gone.
    Pictures are but false reflections, and memories are easily forgotten, and
    Ephemeral permanence is left in the air... more »