• A Crown

    ... more »

  • A Night So Often

    The moon gleams above me.
    Vehicles speed right past me
    As my legs bring me
    To someone I had once had;... more »

  • All I Can Do Is Dream

    All I can do is dream.
    For in dreams, it does not seem
    As though it is but a fantasy -
    The love that will never be reality;... more »

  • Flores De Mayo

    Bitter winters buried me
    In what fell like feathers
    Accumulated and amassed... more »

  • Midnight Jewel

    I lay under the midnight sky,
    Her jewels illuminating the night.
    Her colossal pearl catches my eye
    As I strive to regain my sight;... more »

  • Ode To The Urban Wind

    Thy caress upon this face of mine,
    The way thou movest through my ruffled hair
    Like cold fingers that slide upon wood sanded fine,
    Thou wipest the remnants of my despair.... more »

  • Senses

    As the moon above gleams in all its glory
    Ever so serene, ever so silent
    The still pond of starlight... more »

  • Sonnet 41

    Shall I define
    Perfect? It is
    Your skin so fine,
    Your smile of bliss,... more »

  • Sonnet 50

    May I compare you to a gentle breeze
    Kissing my cheeks as it passes by me,
    Caressing my hair, bringing me to peace
    From the tension, the pain that come haunt me?... more »

  • Sonnet 62

    Shall I compare you to a hummingbird,
    The most beautiful bird that I have seen?
    A pleasant hymn along with every word
    Sings this bird of enthralling blue and green.... more »

  • The Yoke

    It is a yoke.
    It is a yoke that you bring around;
    Shackles, chains,
    Burdens, and yet you are deaf to the sound,... more »

  • Truth

    Wherever I look, whichever way I stare,
    I only find horrors lying here and there.

    I see countless women abused by vile men;... more »