libby armstrong Biography

i am 14 and live somewhere in this ginormous world many years bitches been haten: 14i walk the hallz of: newark tech: my heart belongs to: damen in my blood: dat black and dominican blood flow throught the body: for yall inmature invious bitches yall culd keep haten all u want cuz libby dnt give a fuqk cuz yall make me feel soooo much betta so keep it coming....dnt get me wrong i could be the nicest person in the world but come to me on dat otha shyt i wont hesitate to lay u str8 ne-whoo i do tend to spell thingz my way so dnt mind the spelling ne-whoo dis be yah gurla libby hit me up on dah space...[myspace] or email address: niggaz ova 18 do get denied....!