I began writing poetry at a young age and decided I loved using words to convey emotion and subtle (and at times not-so-subtle) meanings. Over time I took a few classes to help me shape my own style and hone my skills. From these I have learnt a lot.

Born Australian, with a flair for the morbid, my poetry tends to focus on supernatural themes - whether they be of spirituality or mythology.


Liberty Smart Poems

Imaginary Friend

She's got a handful of sunbeams
A head full of empty dreams
I hold the gate open for her
But she doesn't care... more »


I fumble a handful of words
and you get the wrong idea
I'm not one of those flashy types... more »


They stand tall and still, these mineral monoliths
Stony-faced as they observe the closing of day
Not for the Eternal, panic or fear
They quiver not, quail not, wail not... more »

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