• Hey, It's Me

    This night again I’m sitting in front of my mirror
    Seeing myself in the nastiest face.. Am I that bad?
    No! I’ve something on my own.
    I’m not crying even if I’m sad..... more »

  • Lonely

    The days Long, time walked through
    The season change, Wishes gone
    People getting old, Love fade
    I don’t know how to smile without you... more »

  • That Words 'I Love You'

    Stars aren't shining that shine again
    Wind aren't singing that song again
    Where are the soul from your voices?
    I close my eyes and I heard your voice...... more »

  • The Difference

    Time to look up through windows, full moon shown late
    It’s neither raining nor snowing
    Heart stops beating at the moment
    They said it’s a strange night....ah, I think it’s an inspiration... more »