• A Sister Like You

    I just want to let you know that you mean the world to me Babygirl.
    Only a heart as sweet as your's would give so unselfishly.

    The many things you've done,... more »

  • For My Babygirl

    BabyGirl, remember what I'm about to tell you.
    Life is a daily chore.
    You get up and you challenge every part of the day.
    Don't let a second slip by,... more »

  • My Friend

    My friend, my companion, my soul
    when I see you, you make me whole.
    I long for you so much each day
    and wish I had more things to say.... more »

  • My Heart Beat, My Cord

    My heart beats faster
    Every time I think about you
    Because we are connected by
    an invisible cord not seen by the eye.... more »

  • My Life, My Little Sister

    I have a little sister that shares my life.
    This little girl saved my life.
    She made me well when
    I felt like I was dying.... more »

  • My Sister My Babygirl

    There is no one like you.
    I thank God you are my Sister and my BabyGirl.
    It's you I put so much trust in,
    and in you I fully confide in.... more »

  • My Sweet Beautiful Angel

    My Sweet Beautiful Angel
    Sent To Earth From Above. I prayed for you before we met,
    Not knowing who you would be.
    I asked the lord to send me an ANGEL, one chosen just for me.... more »

  • This Person

    This person and I can never be apart.
    This person is half of my heart.
    This person has been there beginning to the end;
    this person happens to be my best friend.... more »

  • Whenever You Need Me

    Whenever you need me I'll be there.
    I want you to know that i truly care.

    When life knocks you down on your knees,... more »