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lil island Gal Poems

***sometimes We Must (2) ***

We adapt in tranquility
Yet face the
Insolent society.... more »

I Love You

I love you
Since you came into my life
I have looked forward to each sunrise
The early morning with you in your arms... more »

Broken Dreams

Oh, if I had a star to shine
For every broken dream of mine
The whole night sky would turn to day
And all my troubles melt away....... more »

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wow! ! ! jon london has said everything i was gonna say! ! :) oh well, love you marry! :) (thanks for being there)
~ Jon London ~ 10 Apr 2009 10:31
A dear friend with the purest heart i have ever known, lil G- a writer that shares her feelings what ever she's doing, not one to mince her words, shoots from the hip yet her softly voiced pieces hit like a bolt of lightening. Its a rare pleasure to feel what this brave and beautiful soul brings to everyone that knows her. All my love dearest G. Jon x
Catrina Heart 17 Jan 2009 11:35
an innocent fairy taking her adventure with so much worry...writing a poignant poetry about her life of love...