• Adieu?

    It’s time to say adieu, friend
    It’s time to part our ways
    It may not be final goodbye yet
    We might see each other again, who knows, somewhere.... more »

  • Always Someone Up There

    There are times when left alone
    My thoughts wander to parts unknown
    I wonder how I must leave
    This world I’m in, so full of greed.... more »

  • An Embrace

    It's wonderful when someone holds you so close
    You can feel his heart throb next to yours
    The doubts disappear before you
    The emptiness inside vanishes, too.... more »

  • Angel Nicole -My Baby

    You were a bundle of joy in my arms
    Sleeping peacefully while I held you close
    Then you'd wake up and give your sweet smile
    You never knew how it touched my heart.... more »

  • Archael

    I know a long-haired lass
    Who, for a pixy, could pass
    Her complexion is just so fair
    And her height is just so right.... more »

  • Blue

    I come home to an empty house, an empty room
    There's no one about me, not a single soul
    I've no one to talk to except someone on the phone
    But it seldom rings, though I wish so hard it would.... more »

  • But I Can'T Tell You So

    I miss you from time to time
    Can't blame myself, that's right
    It's no longer so intense, I don't have to sigh
    Still, I miss you from time to time.... more »

  • Caught Between Giving Up And Holding On

    Trying to make out something from nowhere,
    Can’t see clearly through the haze,
    Yet I know nothing will ever be the same,
    I can feel it in the rush of blood through my veins.... more »

  • Cheese

    I’m glad I found my walking buddy
    Someone who would control me, gently
    Someone who’d be there even in a downpour
    To walk with me step by step, all the way.... more »

  • Count Your Blessings

    Whatever happens day by day
    While there is life don't cease hoping
    For all the troubles that come your way
    Always remember to count your blessings.... more »

  • Dada

    I feel kinda different,
    Time to go home
    My feet seem to have wings
    My heart sings a happy tune.... more »

  • Dawning

    The realization comes to us too late sometimes
    That the promise made yesterday may not hold by this time
    That the meeting of hearts does not mean chaining the soul
    And words usually uttered are empty, impersonal, cold.... more »

  • Dreams

    As a child, I dream of being a nun
    The habit and godliness inspired me much,
    But the more I watched TV
    My dreams assumed a different touch.... more »

  • Entanglements

    My childhood dream is within my sight now
    I only have to stretch a little, reach a little
    So it would rest on the palm of my hand
    And I’d feel the elusive fulfillment that has never been mine.... more »

  • For Mommy Dyne

    We might be separated by 24 years
    A generation apart by experiences
    I knew you’d be a nice friend to have
    But never thought you’d turn out to be... more »

  • Friends Come In Different Hues

    Friends come in different hues
    Some colored black, some colored blue
    Some are white, some are yellow
    Some colored red, some are brown, too.... more »

  • Goodbye?

    It’s sad to lose something so good
    I’m pained to do this, but I should
    So hard to say goodbye, to be unkind,
    I know you love me, you know I tried.... more »

  • Grandma

    There's a special woman in my life aside from Mama;
    My love, defender, friend - rolled into one;
    She's my love, my very special someone;
    And this has never changed with time.... more »

  • Happy Birthday, Friend!

    The childhood days we’ve spent together
    The grade school happenings we’ve shared
    The special occasions we’ve enjoyed
    Will always be cherished and recalled.... more »

  • Home

    It’s not enough that a house is built
    Where persons simply dwell,
    There are lots of things a house should have
    So that a home it can be referred.... more »

  • I Could Have Been

    I could have been a cookie, I could have been a cake
    I could have been a juice, even a cola drink
    I could have been whatever people want me to be
    But is that what I want? Would that have made me happy?... more »

  • If Only…

    If we can find the time to listen
    To others on what they have to say
    If we can find the time to reach out
    To those who are in need... more »

  • It’s The Thought That Counts

    It’s not the big things that matter
    It’s not the price of the gift you bring
    It’s not how costly the card is
    That makes the giving more sincere.... more »

  • Joanne's Dilemma

    The bespectacled tutor captured her heart
    Something unexpected, something weird;
    For the person who tickles her pink with his ways
    Is now the phantom that lurks in her dreams.... more »

  • Letting Go

    The past haunts me still
    After all these years
    How can I forget
    And start life's next phase... more »