• A Sad Truth

    Sadness weeps for my soul
    I am beyond redepmtion
    I can no longer live in this world
    How it hurts to be alone... more »

  • Anger

    I feel the anger
    Seething, threating
    I feel the rage
    rush over the edge... more »

  • Blood Lust

    Blood Lust is...
    The need to kill... more »

  • Cleanse Me

    Dark clouds
    Please send me rain
    To cleanse my sinful
    Soul... more »

  • Cold Love

    Yours too keep
    It’s sadism and sex
    Each passing day
    Your love grows colder... more »

  • Dark Betrayal

    Bloodless lips pressed upon cold flesh.
    The black dirk of Hatred is pulled from... more »

  • Dark Divine

    I can’t take much more
    Of this Divine torture
    This painful ecstasy
    It’s driving me crazy... more »

  • Dark Serenade

    Close my eyes
    You're out of my touch
    too far from heaven
    you've fallen from grace... more »

  • Demon Within

    Look past the face and body
    It’s where you will find
    The pair of bloodshot eyes
    Of the Demon kept inside.... more »

  • Don'T Fear The Stalker

    Real estate has come
    Here but now they're gone
    Jason doesn't fear the reaper
    Nor do Eli, Alex or Taylor
    We should be like they are... more »

  • Dreary

    The day is dreary
    As is my Heart
    The sky is black
    As is my Soul... more »

  • Embraced Darkness

    Embrace me as you
    Embrace the Darkness
    The silent calm rushes over us
    Our love is written in our blood... more »

  • Fragile Child

    A fragile child
    Hatred behind her eyes
    No longer attempting to try
    Patiently waiting for her day to die... more »

  • Fraility

    Pull me into the Darkness
    A silent calm washes over me
    Like the tide washes over
    The shore... more »

  • Hymn To Darkness

    You cannot save my soul
    there is no salvation for me
    My tears fall like rain
    no reason to care... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you...
    And you're crushing my heart...
    I care for you...
    And you're suffocating me...... more »

  • Love Hurts

    You left me
    Without saying a word
    You left me crying
    Tears of blood... more »

  • Love's Dark Whisper

    Silvery wings
    Red storm
    Devil’s night
    Satan’s Curse... more »

  • Meaningless Life

    The crescent moon
    Hangs meaningless
    In the night sky
    A sighing breath... more »

  • Moon Light

    How quiet midnight love,
    How my heart is to thee... more »

  • My Dark Lover

    Those beautiful blue eyes
    Gaze upon me... more »

  • My Delusion

    Constant confusin,
    Insanity and dilusion...
    Take me away.
    Burning eyes craving sleep,... more »

  • My Hearts Lament

    I taste your tears of blood
    Sweetness just like wine
    Our love is strong
    Daring me not to part... more »

  • My Life

    Light shine not upon me
    Loved ones and friends all turn away from me
    Life breaks the strings that hold me down
    Love clench my heart in your fist and never let it go... more »

  • My Offer

    I love you
    And I know you
    Love me too
    If I offered you... more »