LBR Lillian B. Rose Virgo.

I am the only daughter of Tiger: the rabbit and Turtle: The Leo. A conservative contemplative Christian who married a conservative evangelical humanitarian. I am in my late thirties and I have been writing pieces for about 28 years. Rarely seeking publication. Lillian B. Rose is a pen name I use on 7 websites and a profile on my email.
I joined poem-hunter under my Pen Name and also have prose on

Too often the things I write cause a waves of callous remarks to float around me. The reason I write under a pen name is to quiet the gossip circles when I write anything because it is often personal in some form or fashion. Socially I am often challenged by liberals causing me to patch up my marriage with healing love. Sometimes the best of life results from a period of personal growth. Life is going to have potholes, and mountains but when we steady each other, they are less noticeable.


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A rainbow is a sign that God will not repeat to flood the whole earth and kill off everyone who is disobedient to him, after the flood - God regretted what he did and used the rainbow to say never again the world be destroyed a world wide flood. The rainbow is a promise from God not to kill us all and every time we see a rainbow in the sky we are reminded of that promise. It is not just a sign for GLBT persons but the whole world.
meaning of the rainbow

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