• I Miss You Mama........

    Why do all the good things taken everytime?
    One minute you are here the next you are gone
    How does that happen?
    You did everything you could have done... more »

  • I Want You

    I want to hold you in my arms
    Until the very end of time
    I want to love you and never leave you
    I want to keep you with me... more »

  • Life

    In life I have learned that
    Crying doesn't help
    Depending on people doesn't help either
    But I assure you... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    The minute I walked through the door
    I saw you standing there
    My heart left me at once
    And flew right into you... more »

  • Your Love

    Your love is like the sun
    Warming my heart with it's tenderness
    Creeping into the shadow of life
    And transforming the darkness there... more »