• (((((Wind Of Change)))))

    The wind of change
    Blows through our days
    Sometimes can leave
    Our minds with haze... more »

  • ({i Am Here For You})

    If you need a shoulder to lean on
    Someone to rely on
    I am, from this point on
    Here for you... more »

  • (warmth)

    I savor....

    Tthe warmth of you
    Each time we embrace... more »

  • *a Rose

    A woman is like a rose
    Her petals soft and fragrant
    If she is cared for with loving tenderness
    In life and love she shall bloom... more »

  • {a Heart Devoted}

    In the banks of my memory
    Instilled frames in my mind
    Of moments shared
    Love we did find... more »

  • {a Love Song}

    The beat of my heart
    With yours so in sync
    Of all melodies played
    The one I forever wish to hear... more »

  • {absolute Fulfillment Of Woman}

    Woman needs mans presence near
    To see the warmth and understanding
    In such loving beautiful eyes... more »

  • {all I Love About You}

    The sound of your laughter
    The light in your eyes
    The strength of your arms around me
    How it feels as if you never want to release me... more »

  • {anger}

    Nerves to
    Get frayed
    Escorting... more »

  • {as One}

    My heart so full of love and passion
    My body so full of sweetest desire

    My eyes see only you... more »

  • {as The Day Dawns}

    Stillness as dawn approaches
    Radiant sunrise illuminates the sky
    Fullness in my soul as I search your loving eyes
    Warmth in the air as my body feels your embrace... more »

  • {as The Heart Speaks}

    When I look at you
    I see all that a man should be
    Powerful, loving and strong... more »

  • {as The Shadow Fades}

    The rain falls softly all around
    Wisps of hair frame my face
    I stare solemnly into the puddle
    Seeing a mirror of me... more »

  • {at Once}

    In a dream, you are near
    You touch my hair... more »

  • {battle Of Will}

    Overcome with sadness
    A melancholic aura surrounds
    Spirit seeking to shroud from darkness... more »

  • {composition Of Man}

    His eyes sparkle like the green hills
    As they catch the light of the midday sun

    His smile shines like the luminous moon... more »

  • {constancy}

    Your dreams are alive
    They dance in your eyes
    And your smile lights up the room... more »

  • {delighting The Senses}

    Taste... more »

  • {depth Of Love}

    In your eyes, I see perfection
    A light that shines ever brilliant

    Your caring way reminds me... more »

  • {desire} Acrostic

    Doling out passion
    Excited by your mere presence
    Sensually yearning
    In love heart, body, soul... more »

  • {etched In Memories}

    A memory so fond
    Instilled frames in my mind
    Etched like diamond upon glass
    Evokes a smile each time... more »

  • {feel My Love}

    My beloved
    When I rest myself
    All nestled in your chest
    Don't you feel my love?... more »

  • {garden Of Life}

    Trust in what you can not see
    A friend to all you should be
    Your destiny, your role, your part
    Is holding hands and filling hearts... more »

  • {he Makes Me High}

    Did you ever have a dream
    That seemed so out of reach?

    When you open up your eyes... more »

  • {heaven Sent}

    As I think of your eyes
    To me its as if the heavens reside inside of them
    The sound of your name such sweet intoxication... more »