• {so Much To Say}

    Though at times words seem muted
    And thoughts overtake reason
    Feelings become disarrayed
    Expressed in deep rooted emotion... more »

  • {still Moon}

    The moonlit sky with darkened backdrop
    Beckons to me with radiant beauty
    The air so quiet and serene
    A perfect time to reflect in solace... more »

  • {sweetest Embrace}

    When I lay me down by him
    All my troubles seem to dissipate
    And I am lost in the soft comfort of embrace... more »

  • {symmetry Of Love}

    When lips meet in passion
    And dreams do mirror

    Hearts love intently... more »

  • {the Light Yet To Come}

    The evening skies seemed to be painted with
    Midnight blackened hues
    Such beauty I discovered in the darkness looming
    For after the darkness must come such light... more »

  • {the Revenge Of The Evil Bus Driver}

    It was a cold and dreary autumn afternoon
    The announcement called 'bus # 36'
    All the children boarded the bus
    As they took their seats... more »

  • {the Sonnet Of My Hearts Desires}

    All the paths I have set footprints on
    My lone sojourns have not been easy
    Inside my heart, hope continued to burn
    That I would encounter my completion... more »

  • {there Is Love.....}

    when he smiles at me
    i feel a warmth flow through me
    right down to my toes
    when he speaks to me... more »

  • {through These Eyes}

    I have seen troubles
    Seen such strife
    Endured much
    In my life... more »

  • {time Travel}

    My arms are open wide
    To surround you with comfort

    My heart dispenses love to you... more »

  • {to Emphasize Optimism}

    I have traversed across lifes pathways
    Some escorting darkened conditions
    Others vividly alive with radiant hues... more »

  • {upon The Death Of Someone Close}

    When we lose someone we love
    We must hold our memories dear
    Cherish times we shared
    And they'll remain near... more »

  • {when You Love Me}

    When you look at me
    I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world
    Desired, needed and adored... more »

  • {when You Wake}

    I want you to see this
    Upon your waking, my sweetest love
    I miss your face... more »

  • {wisdom Of Enjoying Life}

    Possess a heart full of love and compassion
    Create memories that will last
    Savor the moments and delight in the trivial
    Believe in yourself, do not live in the past... more »

  • {within Loves Assurance}

    The permanence of the tide
    The omnipresence of moon and stars
    The endurance of the longest eve
    The constancy of the change of seasons... more »

  • {you Hold The Key}

    To my heart, you hold the key

    To a new and glorious day dawning
    To a life of love and laughter... more »

  • {you}

    The mere thought
    Sends shivers throughout... more »

  • All That Is Beautiful

    As I gaze upon the lilac horizon
    All that is beautiful is realized

    The soft cool breeze as it kisses my cheek... more »

  • Always Remember, Never Forget

    I want you to always remember
    All the words I read to you
    From the pages of my heart... more »

  • As A Man Should Be

    As a painting....

    He takes a precisioned brush
    And paints vibrant hues into my world... more »

  • As The Rain Cascades

    The rain falls in perfect rhythm
    Seemingly glowing against the ebony sky

    The sound is soft and soothing... more »

  • Beauty By Day And Night

    Awoke in the morning
    To crimson sunrise
    Radiant hues before my eyes
    A new day dawns and with it hope... more »

  • Feeling Love

    When I feel the touch of softness
    As you lean in close
    I whisper in your ear
    The man I love the most... more »

  • From A Dream

    As if from a dream
    While awakened from sleep
    Your sweetness stirred something
    Inside me down deep... more »