Lillian Jane Biography

Hey everyone. My name isn't important, but I'll let you know that it is not Lillian Jane. I don't even know where I got that name. It is the first name that came to me when I was signing up. You probably don't know me. I write from experience, I don't just say, 'Hey, that kid's parents are getting divorced, or, Hey, that kid just cut herself, I think I will write a poem on THAT person's pain.' I put on a mask to most of the world. There are only a few people in the entire world that I let down my mask for, and even then the cover is not completely gone. No one knows who I really am, not even me, and I think many people would be shocked if they knew the complete truth about me. My smile is my cover. I cover up my pain and depression with a smile or a laugh. But look past the smile, the laugh, the shiny eyes, and if you are that great of a person and you can really see into my heart or my head, then I am sorry. I don't ever want to subject other people to what I have in my heart or my mind. Once again, my poems are all true, I don't write fake. So now that I'm done, please, send me a message.

I haven't put poems up yet, but they will be up soon, I'm just a little nervous about putting them up on the internet where everyone can see them, because when you put something up here, you can never get them back, even if you delet them.