• Apathy

    Apathy is cloaked in black.
    His fingers are bone, cold and lifeless.
    His face is featureless, empty and careless.
    Apathy is the Reaper.... more »

  • Austrailia

    The hair that touches my cheek,
    Is soft, brunette in color.
    The wind, in its gentle rage,
    Our love it will never smother.... more »

  • Brighten Up The Sunshine

    Brighten up the sunshine, Beautiful.
    Consider this your chore for the day, sailing away.
    Aren’t you ready for a little light in your life?
    I think you’re ready.... more »

  • Colour

    That simple 'u'.
    It changes the shape, the flavor.
    No longer an adjective.... more »

  • Curse Of The Rich And Famous

    The World,
    They want to be you.
    To eat you. To feel you.
    They want your crotch.... more »

  • Dance Sweetie

    Dance Sweetie,
    under the rain.
    For I shall always be
    but a breath away.... more »

  • Dance With Me

    Dance with me,
    Before the music stops.
    I want to hold your hand
    And glide across the floor.... more »

  • Dear Ex- Lover,

    Dear Ex-Lover,
    Your distrust plauges me so.
    I miss your loving presence,
    that sly, playful smile.... more »

  • Destruction Of Humanity

    The lunatic smiles at the barkeep.
    The bank-teller screams as the bullet rips his chest.
    The C4 explodes as the wall shatters.
    The little girl cries as she watches her mother die.... more »

  • Dreaming Of Sydney

    When my eyes close,
    I see your face.
    A smile plays across your lips,
    Joy radiates from your form.... more »

  • Dreaming Of Your Touch

    Dreaming of your touch,
    I crave your taste.
    Kiss me just once more,
    And I shall never wish... more »

  • Ecstasy

    Passion laced with ecstasy
    Is a recipe for desire.
    A compulsion that
    Drives my sweet tongue... more »

  • Footprints In Your Memory

    I will leave footprints in your memory.
    Forever 'that girl' who just pops up.
    You can't forget me, so please don't try.
    Its not that I'm special, or unique.... more »

  • From The Cover Of A Magazine

    From the depths of a corner,
    She reaches out with her shaking hand.
    A victim of famine, oppression, poverty.
    She crawls away from the world.... more »

  • Gravity's Toy

    Gravity takes her by the hips.
    He slams her into the Earth.
    Repeatedly, Nature tries to flee.
    Gravity is her master.... more »

  • Hope: She Wears White

    The color of Innocence.
    She wears white.... more »

  • I Want To Bathe In The Moonlight

    I don't want to be the lighthouse, tonight.
    I don't want to be the caretaker.
    I don't want to remember that previous occupant.
    I don't want to be Humanity's Guardian.... more »

  • In The Company Of Elegance

    The music is loud.
    The sound crescendos.
    It courses through her veins, blood.
    It is magic to her.... more »

  • Keeper Of The Lighthouse

    There is a lighthouse on the hill.
    It overlooks Humanity.
    The white exterior is freshly painted.
    The furniture within is new.... more »

  • Kiss Him And Run

    You giggle and play,
    Such a sweet boy.
    Better be careful, girl.
    He'll steal your heart away.... more »

  • Lilly And The Rain

    It begins to pour.
    Beneath a streetlight,
    She danced on the edge of a fountain.
    The rain her witness.... more »

  • Love: The Spiteful Whore

    Love. What a fickle word.
    The way it tickles your tongue.
    It exudes fantasy, delight.
    Love is a whore full of spite.... more »

  • Musican's Expression

    Your fingers play upon the frets.
    She is your lover.
    The Musician's Expression.
    You look so stunning... more »

  • Realization

    And the raging winds of change
    Are blowing across the air.
    For when realization hits home,
    Another heart shall break.... more »

  • Reflection

    In the mirror,
    She has so many faces:
    Agitated... more »