• Away...

    Gazing out the white casement of mine,
    I see the soothing blue sky filled with bubbly clouds,
    I feel the cold breeze wafting the sensation of morning,
    I hear the charming melody of violin played a distance away,... more »

  • Darkness

    Only darkness that my eyes could see,
    Only darkness that my hands could feel,
    And in the darkness,
    I stood alone,... more »

  • Dream

    Dream is such a mysterious wonder,
    Joy and happiness,
    Can be seen in the mist of your hazel eyes,
    Hope and beauty,... more »

  • Good Bye

    The night was my servant…
    The day was my master…
    The moon was my companion…
    The sun was my executor…... more »

  • Just The Hope, Wish And Desire For You

    Hey, there!
    What with that expression you have now?
    As if it is the end of everything…
    As if there is no hope for you…... more »

  • Little Bird

    Little bird, is today the day?
    Dear One,
    Please do hear my plea,
    Oh please, give me one more chance,... more »

  • Lost

    As time ticking away, I feel that I'm drifting along with it.
    Without my willingness.
    Wandering into the unknown with no senses.
    Swimming in the collapse of emotions that tear me apart.... more »

  • My Love

    When I am awake,

    All I see is your face,... more »

  • Tale Of A Blue Butterfly

    Long, long ago,
    There was a tale of a blue butterfly,
    That live in a silvery cage,
    Up at the cold attic,... more »

  • The Mask

    I felt my face weighed
    by a filigree white mask
    with a embroidered smile
    that show... more »

  • The Walk

    You walk down the road,
    Behind your home,
    At the misty dawn,
    Everyday,... more »

  • The World

    When I open my eyes,
    I see a bright sun,
    Framed by the snowy clouds,
    Shinning merrily above me,... more »

  • When We Were Young

    when we were young,
    there was a lingering voice inside our head,
    whispering sweet words about dream,
    urging us to pursue dream and sacrificing all we had,... more »

  • Yesterday

    A string had broken from my left hand,
    A string that had bound me for a long time,
    That had became one with my flesh.... more »