• A Day

    A day at therapy and meditation,
    to improve my train of thought,
    we improve on something every Wednesday,
    a new way of thinking, taught.... more »

  • A Gentle Flock

    A gentle flock with beauty prized,
    so priceless, yet so true
    That few can hear them singing proud,
    through trials through and through.... more »

  • A Lie

    Don't lie and say you love me,
    I know you don't at all.
    This mission that you are on,
    will drive me up the wall.... more »

  • A Rose With Few Thorns

    When I give myself to thee, the bounds of love one cannot see,
    shelter of my soul so fierce, my precious heart I ask not pierce.
    Innocent petals protect the core, and with thy nectar, does it lure.
    A need so deep, one feels its burn, and can't deny its sinful yearn.... more »

  • Adores

    I am trying hard to understand,
    I hope I have this right.
    You want to be a distant friend,
    and not a couple day and night.... more »

  • Answers

    It's better not to line yourself up for questions that,
    they don't want you to answer. So make up answers.... more »

  • B12 Information I Got Today-Shots For Me

    Vitamin B12 is a vitamin. It can be found in foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products. It can also be made in a laboratory.

    Vitamin B12 is used for treating and preventing vitamin B12 deficiency,... more »

  • Bare

    Stripped bare to nothing but a soul,
    obscured to the human eye,
    chained modesty to mockery,
    my desolation seeks a cry.... more »

  • Begging

    Don't leave this time,
    I beg of you,
    my heart will surely break.
    Please understand there's an attachment,... more »

  • Best Friend

    I lost a friend years ago,
    we had an awful fight.
    there is an empty space I have,
    I am the dark, he's light.... more »

  • Blessed

    You want something from me,
    Sir, can you tell me what that may be.... more »

  • Blind

    Disguised images of eyes,
    containing infinite lies.
    Where only THIS count of one,
    sees blindly, the truth of NONE.... more »

  • Break

    I won't break his silence without proof,
    that who you are is not a goof,
    It has to be 100%,
    to not impose a headlong dent.... more »

  • Carrying

    The radiance of that day in Spring,
    a grace that only God can bring.
    You were carried months beneath my heart,
    possessing its beat when the days did start.... more »

  • Conquer

    I'll conquer all my vices one vice at a time
    I'm a lucky woman to see,... more »

  • Consequence

    The deadened sense of crimson,
    silencing my core,
    a consequence of fate or luck,
    he chastises me once more.... more »

  • Countdown

    No I'm not doing it, you tell me what to do.
    I refuse to figure it out, and insist that it's done by you.
    Obey me to do what you wish, and I'll come crumbling down,
    If you do this Sir, you may have yourself a countdown.... more »

  • Cry

    I've seen the face of the prince of tides,
    where childlike trust runs and hides.
    A darkness where one sees only light,
    and perfection consumes one with fright,... more »

  • Cure

    ... more »

  • Dad

    I wish you could take this away from me Dad,
    The excess of tears and lack of true joy.
    I don't know the dark, I don't know the light,
    I am in despair all day long, and it does annoy.... more »

  • Daddy

    My daddy will protect me,
    I'm worth the gold he touches,... more »

  • Dear

    Sir did you feign a death my dear,
    I just don't understand it.
    Why would you do such a thing?
    And make me so desperate.... more »

  • Depression

    My eyes won't open,
    my mouth won't move,
    my head feels heavy,
    when will this improve?... more »

  • Devour

    To devour is taking over,
    the passion part of me,
    I thought I lost it long ago,
    now visions are all I see.... more »

  • Dinner Later

    If you're not hungry,
    let it be,
    the Beatles had it right.
    Don't force it down,... more »