Lime and Tequila with a Splash of Pineapple Comments (8)

Beautifully understated and thus, sublime.
Dear Lime, Have just voted 10 for your Escalator Rides! May I 'use' it in class with my English learners? It´s so visual and interesting that it simply exists and moves by itself! My Admiration, Sílvia from Brasil
How refreshing it is to meet a young poet who uses discipline in her work. I applaud your exploration of metered forms. Keep writing and I will keep reading.
L&T is one sassy lady that I am drawn to and would love to poetry jam with often in person if spatial horizons did not dictate distances.
there is alot of love poems. they're very good
This lady (and she is) knocks my socks off. Her poetry is always contemplative and intelligent. She takes the reader exactly where she wants him or her to go. Reciprocally, she understands - really understands - what others write. And to boot, never an error of spelling or grammar (my bug-bear) . I have rarely been so impressed. t x
To L&TWP Intellegent and a pleasure to know, Haiku-s numbers many to show, Poigent life experences to share, Bringing to read if you dare, I am not sure what more to say about her, So I did this little corn-ny ryhyme Always witty Always cool Always kind A friend for all to find Watch her here to grow A great asset on the Poem Hunter Show..
Dear L & T I like haikus a lot (called hai kai down here) , and yours are great! When I return to Californa (within a year, Lord willing!) , I´ll look for Lime & Tequila with a Splash of Pineapple drink and savor it toasting you! Congratulations from Brasil!