• Can'T Prove Me Wrong

    You keep saying you'll prove me wrong
    but all I see is you're doing
    nothing at all
    you say you'll change my views of guys... more »

  • Finding This 'Love'

    I had this feeling inside of me
    Telling me I want to be free
    but my heart wants to be loved
    My mind is thinking, 'Where is this love that I want? '... more »

  • Played

    I can feel the tear drops on my cheeks
    Rolling down my face
    Like it was a race
    It fell to the ground... more »

  • This 'special Guy'

    I'm waiting for this true and honest guy
    Who would want me by his side
    He won't tell me a single lie
    and he won't make me cry... more »

  • To A Guy Who Is From A Distance

    You're so far away
    and I'm missing you everyday
    Just to have the thoughts of you in my head
    When I go to bed... more »

  • To Him

    He only calls me when he says he's missing me
    when really I know he wants to diss me
    He calls me his boo
    But I know it ain't true... more »

  • Valentine's Day Written 1/17/08

    ... more »

  • Weakness

    I needed to be strong
    Even though you did me wrong
    I wanted to last
    but that was just all in the past... more »